Kombat.UK Spec-Ops UBACS

  • Soft Velcro Panels
  • Removable Elbow Pads
  • Neck Protection / Cover

A comfortable and protective under-layer that is ideal for Airsoft/Security use or other outdoor activities. It is made from a rip-stop Polycotton material and features removable elbow pads for extra protection.

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This Under Body Armour Combat Shirt is an ideal base layer for Airsoft skirmishing, as it provides comfort, excellent sweat regulation and a protective layer to take the sting out of hits. It is constructed from a rip-stop Polycotton material at the stress points of the shirt (shoulders, collar, cuffs etc.) to ensure longer life, and the main body of the shirt is a softer material which is comfortable on the skin. It features large pockets on either shoulder, each of which has a panel of soft Velcro for the attachment of patches/medical IDs/callsigns or whatever you like. The soft velcro is a really nice touch that you don't think about, but makes a world of difference. Traditional stiff velcro feels very odd on the shoulders at is maintains a square shape, whereas this soft velcro molds to the shape of your arm more naturally and feels a lot less weird. The reinforced rip-stop neck is very useful for Airsoft as hits in this area can be very painful, and the thick collar will take some sting out, and give you more confidence when running at the front of your team. The shirt has hard elbow pads which will obviously protect from hits, but makes taking a prone position a lot less daunting (anyone who has ever knelt down or put their elbows in BBs will know the pain). These pads can be easily removed for when you plan on washing the top.


  • Rip-stop neck
  • Rip-stop shoulders
  • Rip-stop cuffs
  • Tough Polycotton material
  • Fast drying
  • Removable elbow pads
  • Soft velcro panels
  • Large shoulder pockets
  • Tall collar
  • Ideal base layer

Package Includes:

  • Kombat.UK Spec-Ops UBACS



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Item Colour
Patrol Base - Kombat UK - BTP British Terrain Pattern Black
Kombat.UK BTP Black
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.2kg
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Polycotton, Rip-Stop,

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4 / 5
1 review for Kombat.UK Spec-Ops UBACS
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Martin Tucker
Written on 20/03/2020
Good shirt that arrived looking just like the photo.
Rated 4 out of 5

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