KWA ASG/KWA/KSC EU17/18 and ATP Magazine Feed Lips

Code: 12270 TBD-KWA-ATP
  • Easy to Install
  • OEM Replacement
  • Useful Spare To Own

A direct replacement set of magazine feed lips for the EU17, EU18 and ATP series of Airsoft pistols, that's compatible with ASG, KWA and KSC replicas. 

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If you're prone to dropping magazines, then this is the spare part for you! Just the part you need to keep your EU17, EU18 and ATP Airsoft magazines fully functional! Manufactured to the same specifications as the original feed lips, these polymer feed lips are a direct replacement, and incredibly easy to install. Whether you've got the KWA, KSC or ASG versions of the magazines, these feed lips are what you'll need. Unfortunately given that the part needs to be flexible to allow BBs to pass through, there is no stronger/upgrade replacement available. This is a very easy part to install; very gently punch the pin at the top of the magazine that passes through the feed lips, at which point the feed lips will remove and the follower (magazine spring) will try to spring out. Rescue the gas router (square rubber seal) from your original feed lips and transfer it to the new set. Place the feed lips back on the magazine ensuring that the follower is correctly installed first, and re-seat the punch pin. The feed lips are a common part to break, so don't wait for disaster to strike - get stocked up on necessary spares today.


  • For ATP, EU17 and EU18 series magazines
  • Compatible with ASG, KWA and KSC
  • Common part to fail
  • Easy to install - one pin to punch
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Prevents having to buy another magazine

Package Includes:

  • ASG/KWA/KSC EU17/18 and ATP Magazine Feed Lips



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Magazine Part
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