ASG with Will Greenwood, We Grilled & He Spilled!

Will Greenwood: We Grilled & He Spilled!

Who Is Will Greenwood?

Will Greenwood is not just a popular member of the Airsoft community in the UK, he's also the United Kingdom representative for Action Sport Games and it's his job to promote their brand, image and mission to the community by attending airsoft events, conventions and taking part in community engaging activities just like this livestream to discuss upcoming products and projects and talk about how the brand is progressing through the modern airsoft industry.

Who Are ASG?

ASG are an Airsoft company who produce everything from BB's to RIF's and internals to externals, we'd be very surprised if you haven't heard of them. For years now ASG have made their mark in the Airsoft industry by producing some of the most favoured Airsoft guns & equipment that the market has ever seen, from community favourites like the Scorpion Evo to unique and collaborative releases like the Hera Arms CQR, ASG pride themselves on reliable and quality products.

We covered a variety of topics during our Podcast, from ASG's perspective of Airsoft in 2021 to in depth product analysis, suffice to say we grilled and Will certainly spilled in this Q&A fuelled Livestream. But it wasn't just us doing the grilling, you guys took this opportunity to take aim and fire some of your own questions at Will which sent this livestream on a Q&A Frenzy! So for those of you who missed it or didn't have time to watch, not to worry as we're going to recap over some of the key topics and questions that were discussed during the Livestream which you can also watch below!

There were plenty of questions thrown at both Stu and Will, from Evo related battery / FPS enquiries to the stigma behind unnecessary in-game headshots, we're going to take a quick dip in the pool of questions and cover our top five questions asked during the stream, most of which came from you fine chaps!

Question 1

Q: "Just bought the HERA ARMS CQR (From PB ) Any other collaborations in the pipeline? The CQR is awesome out of the box"

A: "Putting me right on the spot here! There are things to come...but I can't talk about it...okay? It's exciting it is good, but I can't say any more...there you go! Be patient"

All said with a HUGE Cheshire Cat grin on his face accompanied by sniggers of secrecy, it's safe to say there's something in the works and we're all very keen to know more, but like Will said, we'll just have to be patient!

Question 2

Q: "How do you think Indoor sites will bounce back following the pandemic? I know Project X may not be reopening."

Stu mentioned that our sister site Halo Mill is slowly reopening, and went on to ask Will his opinion as to whether CQB sites like The Grange are going to become a rarity.

 A: "Well Bravo One is gone now, the Grange's sight is primarily outdoor now but they have some CQB bits in there which is good, but I think the issue is there's quite a lot of landlords over the pandemic who didn't give people breaks, and they still expected rent etc, I don't think it's not going to survive because there's a lot of people who really enjoy CQB, I think they should just stick with what they were doing, cause it was working, all the things now at the moment are restrictions, so I think actually they're gonna work and actually be better off, cause what'll happen is there'll be some sort of exclusivity, so if you've got a limited amount of numbers and you're booked up every week, people automatically go Ooh I need to book two or three weeks in advance! and when the numbers stack up and even if they don't announce they're back to full capacity, people will see that there's openings and say we need to book on! So I think in that mentality they'll do quite well once all the restrictions have gone and it's probably a huge blow to everyone as the restrictions were pushed back. If you haven't played CQB.. What're you doing!? Go play CQB!

Question 3

Q: "Headshots, yay or nay?"

Will A: "So I find if it's the only thing showing ,take the shot. If you see full body, shoot the chest or if you wanna' be like me shoot the legs cause it's funny!

A controversial topic in the airsoft community for sure, Stu went on to talk about how there are plenty more places that hurt more than the head, so for all you sadistic players out there launching 0.30's at peoples skulls, there are other places to aim! Plink someone in their legs or love handles and watch them take a minute to process the pain. Will mentioned how there's no risk of loosing a tooth, or BB's going in their glasses / breaking eye pro when aiming for torso / legs etc and they went on to conclude that a head is a tiny target and if there is more than the head showing, shoot elsewhere! And if you want to be cheeky, shoot someone in the nipple!

Question 4

Q: "Is that a USW on the wall behind Will?"

A: "Good spot! So one thing that makes this quite unique is that there's not a lot of guns ( pistols ) that have an optic ready rail that you can use with anything that has a picatinny / 20mm, usually it comes with an RMR cut / mount so you usually get put down to one or two sights, this I know it sounds weird you could have a long red dot sight, you could have anything that'll go onto a picatinny, you could even put a T1 on it which you can't put on a standard RMR mount. We work very closely with B&T, after we did our MP9, we did the GL-06 launcher and this is one of the most unique ones and it's used quite heavily by police, for example the Shadow 2 is for competition shooting, whereas this is used for Law Enforcement, there are kits out there like it but I don't think they do as good of a job. The rubber grip at the back is a great feature, it shoots unbelievably! One of the things I like most about it now is that you can buy a 50rnd magazine which is nice because the one annoying thing about using a pistol as a primary, is that you run out of ammo! So if you get like two or three of those you could easily run round and be comfortable in a CQB site."

Stu goes on to mention that during the time of release for the USW, it was accompanied by accessories to accommodate this unique new airsoft pistol, he mentions the Holster, the Co2 Magazines, and that if you own a Shadow 2 you can use your shadow mags in the USW due to the clever cross compatibility, so you don't need to worry about having another set of proprietary mags! If you want to take a look at the USW for yourself you can find it by clicking here: ASG USW

Question 5

Q: "Considering all the issues with the CNC hop up unit for the EVO, has ASG got anything to say about how the customers feel shafted?"

A: "So, there wasn't any issues with the CNC unit, all it was is that we added an extra improvement, so it works perfectly fine  so I wouldn't say they got shafted, I don't wanna' go into details but we made another one soon after just a little bit better. I wouldn't say anyone got shafted cause it still works, if you think your competent yourself to install it, or someone else can install it, it works... you know? The reason I know that is cause I have one in mine and mines the first one, I haven't bought the second one, I've still got the first one the one they say doesn't work but actually works a lot better than the standard one. I'm sorry if you feel like you've been shafted!"

We're not aware of any major issues surrounding the ASG EVO CNC hop up unit, however there has been some heavily opinionated speculation and discussion about it within the airsoft community about it. There's a lot of factors that come in to play when it comes to internal parts like this though, so if you're having problems with one that you've bought from us do drop us an email and we'll see what we can do! 

So there you have it! A quick recap over our Livestream with Will Greenwood from ASG. But that's not all! Oh no no, there's a LOT more, we just simply couldn't fit it all on here! Any more and we'd have look into getting a book published! Just kidding, but for real you guys were firing questions off left right & centre, so if you want to hear what else Will and Stu had to say in this exclusive interview you can check it out in all its glory right by clicking HERE or click play on the video hosted above. 

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