The SSG-1 Is Back!

The SSG-1 Is Back!


ATTENTION All Lycra wearing, Dye Mask Rocking', Knee sliding', Drop Stock loving' zoomy BOIS...The SSG-1 Just got better! Didn't think it was possible? Neither did we! But check out this drool worthy ensemble of SSG-1's 🤤


Daaaamn G&G! Back at it again with the SSG-1! 

One of the most controversial AEG platforms in the Airsoft Market, the SSG-1 is a marmite gun for sure, you either love it or you hate it! Now G&G are stirring the pot again with a whole new collection of SSG-1 colour variants, from Ogre green right over to Sex Toy purple, this colour range brings a whole new life to the SSG-1 and now all of you colour coordinated Speed Soft teams can tock a rifle to match your Lycra so you can high-speed-low-drag yourself around in style. 

The SSG-1 is an 11.1v Lipo Ready G&G Assault Rifle, rocking an Electronic Trigger Unit  with a wealth of custom External Features that specialises it to rapid, CQB action (such as an Adjustable Drop Stock that is ready to accommodate Full Face Masks), the SSG-1 is set to take your local Skirmish Field by storm.

The G&G SSG-1 is designed to be as lightweight as possible, whilst still remaining strong enough for hardcore competitive gameplay. They have chosen the CM16 Receiver as the base, as this has proven itself it to be an exceptionally strong Polymer Receiver. This also means that is has an Ambidextrous Mag Release which could save your bacon in the heat of the moment. The SSG-1 has done away with a Handguard entirely, as it is nothing but extra weight in the eyes of a competition player. Instead, the Custom Muzzle Brake at the front of the Barrel has short 20mm Rails for any kind of compact accessory you could want. The Receiver obviously features a 20mm Rail for Sights and Scopes, and is usually seen with a Red Dot Sight on a Riser Mount to compliment this 'Full Face Protection compatible' design. The Trigger Guard has been seriously enlarged to accommodate the extra-long 'Blade' Trigger that is commonly seen on Paintball/Speedsoft Guns. This again is a throwback to the Paintball days, where Full Auto was unavailable/uncommon, and a seriously fast Single Shot Trigger action needed developing. This allows you to conform to Single Shot arena rules, but whilst still throwing out as many BBs per second as possible. The Trigger includes G&G's ETU System that provides great features such as Low Voltage Cutoff and a Programmable 3rnd Burst Fire. Not only this, but it improves the lifespan of the Trigger by removing the need for Trigger Contacts, and also massively improves the Trigger Response of the Gun. The Stock design at the rear of the Gun is referred to as a 'Drop Stock', and features an Adjustable Angle, so that you can shoulder the Gun in a variety of different ways. This also means you can happily use a Full Face Mask such as a DYE / WARQ Helmet, and still be able to aim down your Sights. The Stock/Buffer Tube is where you Battery should be installed, and will require an 11.1v LiPo Stick Battery to work effectively (due to the Low Voltage Cutoff on the MOSFET). Simply slide the Stock off the Buffer Tube by pulling down on the tab in front of the Stock Adjustment Lever.

Included in the box is a 105rnd Mid Cap Magazine with a transparent design that allows you to see how many BBs are remaining. It requires a Speedloader to fill, and will feed into the Gun until completely empty, with no rattles like a Hi-Cap. The Mag has indicators to let you know when 100, 90, 60, 50, and 30 BBs are remaining. If you're looking for either a Gun that can absolutely decimate CQB Arenas and is ready for competitive gameplay, or you want something 'out there' that is definitely going to wind up some veteran Airsofter who's supping a cup of tea in the safe zone, adorned in Woodland DPM and carrying an SLR, then the G&G Armament SSG-1 AEG Rifle is exactly what you're looking for.

If you want to check out our in depth overview of the G&G SSG-1, hit play on the video below & allow Stu to take you on a  Speedsofters Fantasy!

What do you think? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you hate love it? Do you love to hate it or hate to love it? They might not be to everyone's taste, but they're undeniably stunning.

You can check out the awesome new SSG-1's by either clicking the image above or the link below. 

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