If you are interested in the legality of Airsoft or you want to stay ahead of the latest changes to the law as it pertains to the hobby, our Legal articles will keep you informed!

  • Vortex Optics VIP Lifetime Warranty - Skirmish with confidence

    Vortex Optics VIP Lifetime Warranty - Skirmish with confidence

    If you are worried about getting your optic shot out in a skirmish, you'll want to hear about this! Vortex Optics offers an unlimited lifetime warranty on all of its optical sights, from the compact SPARC-AR to the Crossfire riflescope series. Join us for more info!

  • Recycling your old electricals is easy!

    Recycling your old electricals is easy!

    Find your local Recycling Centre and what materials they accept, here.

  • Bolster Armouries: The Warranty

    Bolster Armouries: The Warranty

    If you are the proud owner of a Bolster Armouries custom Airsoft gun, this article is for you! Within you will find the details of your Bolster Armouries warranty and service programme and how you can send your hand built custom RIF in for a service with the same expert Airsoft technicians that put them together! 

  • Beginners guide: What is a UKARA or an Airsoft Defence?

    Beginners' guide: What is a UKARA or an Airsoft Defence?

    In Airsoft terms, a 'specific defence' for purchasing Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF) is essentially a way of proving that you have a valid reason for purchase and that the law has been complied with. Join us as we cover UKARA, Two-tones, and the VCRA as it pertains to Airsoft guns!

Wondering if Airsoft is legal? Well, it is, but there are certain legal issues you will need to be aware of to enjoy the sport and hobby of Airsoft responsibly. 

From how to safely transport your Airsoft gun to what defines an Imitation Firearm (IF) and a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF), our Legal articles should give you the knowledge you need to stay on the right side of the law when owning and using your Airsoft gun. 

Whether you are wondering what you need to do to get a UKARA membership or what Skirmish Site memberships and other VCRA defences we accept, you will find the answers right here!

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