Bolster Armouries: The Warranty

Bolster Armouries: The Warranty

Bolster Armouries was founded with one primary mission: To provide Airsofters with a range of RIFs which has been fine-tuned to provide the absolute peak in attainable performance together with breathtaking external quality. Each of our replicas is hand-assembled by some of the most experienced Airsoft gun-techs in the industry and is built to an exacting standard.

Conceived with the modern Airsofter in mind, Bolster Armouries RIFs sport some of the finest internal and external upgrades available on the Airsoft market today, and are guaranteed to provide unparalleled performance. Every Bolster Armouries RIF is issued with a dedicated extended warranty and service package to ensure you get the complete experience the creators of these RIFs intended.

Service Programme

The Team at Bolster Armouries has gone out of its way to ensure their RIFs are at the absolute utmost level of both performance and external build quality.  

Bolster Armouries' after sales service is what underlines the smooth running of these incredible RIFs and their enviable performance in the long term. The Bolster Armouries service programme involves carrying out standard routine maintenance along with a thorough testing regime to ensure every Bolster RIF continues to run flawlessly. 

To evidence our commitment to our products, the first service/health check of your Bolster Armouries RIF will be performed free of charge if it is booked within the first 6 months of ownership. Following the testing procedure and an exhaustive examination of all internal components, any worn parts will be replaced and any signs of potential future issues will be resolved before returning the RIF to you, all included with the purchase of a Bolster Armouries RIF*.

* Any further services after your first will incur a basic charge of £50.00 inclusive of return shipping. You will also be refunded for any cost incurred for shipping the item to us.  


Every Bolster Armouries product is built with the utmost care and attention by a team including some of the most experienced Airsoft gun-techs in the country, and are designed both to last and to achieve phenomenal performance. A major part of owning an RIF which provides performance at the cutting edge of what is possible under the laws of physics is being aware that this extreme level of performance will shorten the lifespan of any internal components considerably. Bolster Armouries RIFs are carefully designed and spec'd with intentional "failure points" i.e components that are intended to fail before other more essential parts reach their limit, thereby reducing the potential damage caused by a component failure in a similar manner to a motor vehicle, or a real firearm. 

This is one of the many things which separates a Bolster Armouries RIF from a home build; the Bolster techs account for the inevitability of failure and ensure that when a part fails, it doesn't take others with it. In light of this, part of your Bolster Armouries package is an extended warranty, covering you for a total of 24 months (2 years) from the date of receipt with all our Gas platforms and 24 months (2 years) from the date of receipt (or 200,000 rounds whichever comes first) with our AEGs.

The Bolster Armouries Warranty covers your RIF for all forms of manufacturing defects, and any wear on the upgraded internal components which is deemed to be a potential cause of failure in the future, as well as any internal component failure which has not arisen from user error. This warranty is transferable should you sell your Bolster Armouries RIF on, provided the new owner is in possession of the receipt and the Bolster Armouries Service Book for the RIF. All services carried out on your Bolster Armouries RIF will be recorded in the "Log Book" section of your Bolster Armouries Service Book. If the Service Book for your RIF has been lost, a replacement Service Book can be provided for a fee of £50. Once in possession of the new Service Book, your RIF is then covered for the remaining period of the warranty, starting from the initial date of receipt of the RIF**.

** Please note, purchasing a replacement Service Book does not extend or refresh the warranty. Regardless of any after-purchase transactions or a change of ownership, the warranty commences from the initial date of receipt and continues for 24 months (2 years) from that date (or 200,000 rounds whichever comes first if applicable).

"Consumable" Parts

Every part within your Bolster Armouries RIF has been specifically selected to provide performance that is second to none. Practically every part within the base RIF has been replaced with the finest aftermarket upgrades money can buy. Despite this, there are certain parts which are more prone to failure than others; this is unavoidable, and inherent in the design of the AEG gearbox itself. The Bolster Armouries Tech team consider these parts to be "consumable parts", meaning it should be expected that these parts will wear out over time. 

Part of your Bolster Armouries owner experience is having the assurance that you are not only getting the best performance money can buy but also that you will never have to worry about any hidden costs associated with running a high performance Airsoft build. As such, any part classed as "consumable" by the Bolster Armouries Tech team that is found to be worn during a Service, or that causes a failure during normal use will be replaced and fitted under your Bolster Armouries Warranty. Your Bolster Armouries Warranty covers the following "consumable" parts;


  • HOP-up Rubber
  • Motor
  • Gears
  • Piston
  • Piston Head
  • Cylinder Head


  • HOP-up Rubber
  • O-rings
  • Nozzle Spring
  • Magazine Seals
  • Nozzle
  • Rocket Valve
  • Hammer Spring

The warranty does not cover any form of physical damage to the exterior of the RIF, or any internal fault which has arisen from user error. If we discover a fault which has arisen from user error we cannot accept a return or issue a refund, but we may still be able to repair the RIF, however, this may incur a charge. 

Examples of user error include, but are not limited to;

Weapon Modification

We understand that users will want to modify their RIFs, though due to the nature of the Bolster Armouries build we may not be able to cover a repair once a permanent alteration or modification has been made. This includes disassembling the RIF outside what is expected for normal routine maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential for any RIF, and failure to carry out routine maintenance can lead to premature wear and damage. Incorrectly maintaining an RIF can also cause damage, as can repeated, excessive disassembly. 

With gas-powered RIFs, we consider "routine maintenance" to be separating the slide from the frame, cleaning and reapplying fresh lubricant, and cleaning the barrel. Any further disassembly, such as removal of the trigger parts, blowback housing, or HOP-up unit is considered user error. If you require any maintenance to be done beyond what is described here, contact our in-house Bolster Armouries Technicians. 

In the case of an Automatic Electric Gun (AEG), routine maintenance typically entails cleaning of dirt and debris from the external parts, and the cleaning of the inner barrel with an Airsoft cleaning rod and Airsoft approved lubricant. The inner barrel should be cleaned whilst installed in the AEG, with the HOP-up set to its lowest setting. Any further maintenance such as relubricating the gearbox should be carried out by the Bolster Armouries team and can be arranged through your Service Book.  

Adjusting the MOSFET / ETU settings

The highly advanced Gate TITAN V2 offers an extremely expansive number of options when configuring the RIF. With so many options provided by the TITAN V2, there are many available which will push any AEG beyond its design parameters and cause the internals to fail.  Every TITAN V2 MOSFET installed inside a Bolster Armouries RIF comes pre-set with the optimal configuration for the particular AEG it is installed in which has been selected for performance and longevity. Alteration of these settings is considered user error, and will potentially cause damage to your RIF. 

Use of poor quality BBs

With BBs being one of those aspects of Airsoft which many take for granted, we understand that you will not always be able to purchase BBs from ourselves. You have plenty left until you suddenly have none is how we would put it, so if you have to purchase a bottle of BBs on site or from another retailer it will not be considered user error, provided those BBs are of acceptable quality. As with any Airsoft RIF, we advise against using low-quality and cheap BBs in Bolster Armouries RIFs, and if evidence is found that low-quality BBs have been used we may not be able to offer a return or provide a refund.

Unfortunately, we see far too many RIFs in our workshop which have been damaged from the use of poor quality BBs. The telltale signs of low-quality BBs include low weight (<0.2g), inconsistent weight distribution (does it roll smoothly?), mould lines, and injection pin marks on the exterior. Using cheap BBs is always a false economy; if you load your Bolster Armouries up with these you are definitely not getting the RIF's full potential in performance, and are running the risk of causing a catastrophic internal failure. 

Poor quality BBs can…

  • Tear the HOP bucking
  • Damage the loading nozzle
  • Block the barrel (The barrel can be damaged by clearing the blockage).

A blocked barrel can result in a catastrophic gearbox failure. If the piston can not go forward to its resting position (due to an air pressure build-up behind the blockage) the sector gear can catch the piston rack in mid-stroke and break the piston, strip gear teeth off of one or more gears and or snap a gear shaft. 

Accidental Damage/Misuse

Generally speaking, Airsoft RIFs are built to last and are typically up to taking the odd scrape and knock now and then without any major damage. That said, these items are sporting equipment, and rely on tight tolerances and living in the warm and dry for 90% of their lives to keep the consistent performance and durability they are known for. These are not real firearms, despite their looks, and should be handled in a manner which reflects that. Dropping or throwing the RIF, dipping it in mud, or leaving it in the garage for 6 months can and will cause permanent damage to any Airsoft RIF. We cannot accept returns of any Bolster Armouries RIF which shows signs of mistreatment, abuse, damp and water ingress or missing and broken parts.

Removing Screws, Nuts, or other trim parts using improper tools

When carrying out routine maintenance, it is essential that any disassembly of your Bolster Armouries RIF is carried out correctly. This includes the use of the correct tools and only the correct tools to carry out the maintenance. We cannot accept the return of items which have been taken apart using the wrong tools or have had screws, nuts, bolts, or pins damaged as a result of this. Please ensure you do NOT use ball-headed Allen keys on any Bolster Armouries RIF as this can lead to damage to the screw heads which may render the RIF useless. Please note, this includes all screws, nuts, and pins including any quick-change spring guide nut that is present in Bolster Armouries AEGs. 

Use of corrosive Lubricant

When maintaining your Bolster Armouries RIF you should only ever use lubricants designed for Airsoft products. We cannot accept returns or cover the cost of repairs on RIFs which have been damaged through the use of inappropriate lubricants. As a guide, Airsoft appropriate Lubricants include Abbey range of lubricants, the Airsoft Innovations Gun Oil range, and other Airsoft branded 100% pure silicone lubricants. Examples of lubricants which will cause damage to your RIF and should never be used include WD40, abrasive lubricants, and mineral oil based lubricants. The use of inappropriate lubricant on a Bolster Armouries RIF constitutes user error. 

Pricing for Maintenance/health check

In the unlikely event of your Bolster Armouries RIF suffering a failure, please contact the Bolster Armouries team as soon as possible to book an immediate service appointment. Any failure of internal components which does not arise from user error is covered under your 24 month Bolster Armouries extended warranty. 

If you require an in-depth maintenance/health check to be carried out, a basic fee of £50.00 plus any replacement parts which are not warranty-covered applies. Your first maintenance procedure is free, as previously mentioned. The base price of maintenance includes the cost of shipping your Bolster Armouries RIF back to you. You may be responsible for the cost of returning your RIF back to us, if this is the case the cost will be deducted from your bill or refunded to you.