MIL-COM Kid's Combat Trousers Soldier 95 Style

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  • Soldier 95 Pattern
  • Tough Poly Cotton
  • Child Sized Trousers

A kids' sized replica of Solider 95 Pattern trousers, these poly-cotton camouflage trousers are lightweight and durable, suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. 

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Perfect for costumes, fancy dress, or wearing generally day to day, these are child-sized replicas of the British Army's standard Soldier 95 pattern trousers in British woodland DPM camouflage. Just like the adult sized trousers, the kids' trousers are made from lightweight and tough poly cotton fabric, making them tough enough to survive heavy physical activity in rough environments and easy to wash. The trousers feature a zip fly and a large botton fastener, making easy for little hands it to use. The internal waist drawstring allows the trousers to be tightly fastened and held in place, but just like the adult sized trousers a belt can be fitted through the belt rings. There are plentry of pockets to carry useful objects in, with two on the front, one on the rear and two large, button-flap secured pockets on the legs. Comfortable, lightweight and heavy duty, these child-sized DPM trousers are an excellent purchase for any child who likes to explore the outdoors, is in the cadets, or just likes military style clothing. 


  • Soldier 95 pattern
  • Child sized trousers
  • Poly cotton
  • Waist and ankle drawstrings
  • Waist adjusters
  • Zip fly
  • 5 pockets
  • Camouflaged 

Size Chart

XS - 3 to 4 years
S - 5 to 6 years
M - 7 to 8 years
L - 9 to 10 years
XL - 11 to 12 years
XXL - 13 to 14 years

Package Includes:

  • Kid's Combat Trousers Soldier 95 Style



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Patrol Base - DPM Disruptive Pattern Material Camoflague
Woodland DPM
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.8kg
20'' - XS - 3/4
22'' - S - 5/6
24'' - M - 7/8
26'' - L - 9/10
28'' - XL - 11/12
30'' - XXL -13/14
Age Group
Patrol Base | Icon | Child


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