Airsoft Safety

Airsoft Safety


  • NEVER take your Airsoft Gun out in public
  • NEVER shoot anyone who is not taking part in an Airsoft skirmish
  • ALWAYS use Airsoft rated eye protection
  • ALWAYS transport your Airsoft Gun in a case or bag
  • Safety is our Number 1 Priority. Don't be "that guy". 

Airsoft Gun Handling

When handling an Airsoft Gun, always treat it as loaded, even if you know it isn't.

At the end of the day, once you have finished shooting, or even simply putting the Airsoft Gun down it is important to make sure the Airsoft Gun is safe. This means removing its Ammunition Source. This process is known as  ‘Clearing’ your Airsoft Gun.

For electric guns (AEGs), this means removing the magazine, inverting the gun and shooting two shots on semi-auto to ensure no BBs are left in the barrel. Eye protection should be worn throughout this process. 

For gas guns (GBB & NBB), removing the magazine and decocking the Airsoft Gun will render the gun safe, though we advise using a cleaning/unjamming rod to ensure no BBs remain in the HOP-up chamber. 

When picking up an Airsoft Gun for the first time always check if it is loaded or clear. This is important to do every time you pick up a gun, even if you are simply attaching a sight, maintaining the Airsoft Gun or just holding it. Once you have walked away from your Airsoft Gun you do not know if someone has touched it.

If you are passed an Airsoft Gun you should always check if it is clear before inspecting it.

Never point an Airsoft Gun directly at another person unless in a live Skirmish situation where every player is wearing Eye protection. 

Do not handle an Airsoft Gun in view of the public, even if it is a Two-Tone. Simply someone thinking you have anything that looks like a real firearm is reason enough for Armed Response to be called and your Airsoft Guns to be confiscated. Two-Tone Airsoft Guns (Guns finished in bright colours) are still considered to be real firearms until proven otherwise. Keep the curtains closed when your guns are out and ensure they are not stored where they can be seen through a window by the public. 

Airsoft Guns in Public Places

Put simply: Don't. Airsoft Guns should never be used in public areas under any circumstance. This includes the local park, seemingly empty woodland areas and anywhere else that isn't either a registered Airsoft skirmish site or your own property. 

Having an Airsoft Gun in your possession and visible to the public is a criminal offence and extremely dangerous, both for yourself and those around you. Shooting an Airsoft gun at anyone without prior consent is considered assault at a minimum and can potentially be seen as a more serious offence. 

Even if your Airsoft Gun is a Two-Tone the same rules still apply. 

Using your Airsoft Gun in a public area is about the most dangerous thing you can do with it. This can result in life-altering consequences or even death. Armed Police will assume that your Airsoft Gun is a real gun and will treat it as such. If you are holding the Airsoft Gun when the Armed Police arrive, we're sure you can imagine the extremely serious nature of the possible consequences for yourself and your loved ones. 

Don't risk your life or the future of our sport. Only use your Airsoft Gun on your own property out of the view of the public or at an Airsoft site during a skirmish. 

  • NEVER take your Airsoft Gun out in public. 
  • ALWAYS transport your Airsoft Gun safely and concealed from public view. 
  • NEVER shoot anyone who is not participating in an Airsoft skirmish at a registered and insured Airsoft site. 

Eye Protection

Airsoft Rated Eye Protection is an Absolute Minimum. Sunglasses will not be sufficient, you will need Airsoft rated eye protection made from steel mesh (not steel wire mesh) or polycarbonate. 

You only get one pair of eyes, don't waste them. It is essential to wear eye protection at all times when handling Airsoft Guns, or when Airsoft Guns are being shot. Even a stray round or ricochet can have a serious impact on vision.

It is bad enough if you blind yourself, but blinding another person is far worse. 

At most Airsoft Sites, the only place where you can take your goggles off is in the Safe Zone. This is because all Airsoft Guns are checked and confirmed to be clear before exiting the game area.

At most sites, taking your Eye Protection off in the game area will result in you being removed from play. This is not just for your safety but for everyone else's as well.

Once eye protection becomes damaged or cracked it is imperative to replace it immediately.

Face / Body Protection

Face protection in Airsoft is highly recommended. This is to stop welts on the skin and prevent teeth from being shot out by accident. Many more experienced skirmishers choose not to wear face protection but make no mistake, this is a big risk, and dental work is far more expensive than a lower face mask! 

At most Airsoft Sites under 18’s are required to wear Full Face protection for this very reason. Full Face masks are generally the same type used for Paintball and are the best way to protect your face and eyes when skirmishing. 

We're often asked: "Can Airsoft BBs penetrate the skin?" - and the short answer is yes, there's always the chance an Airsoft Gun can be dangerous. As such, we recommend wearing a level of body protection with which you are comfortable. This can range from just a hoodie to a replica body armour vest.  There are no mandates on the level of body protection you wear, so that is up to you.

Airsoft Gun Storage

When storing your Airsoft Guns it is important to keep them in a secure location, such as inside a house, inside a cupboard or under a bed. Preferably, your Airsoft Gun should also be stored in a case or gun bag to keep it out of reach of those who shouldn't be handling it. 

When you get home the night after a Skirmish we recommend taking all Airsoft Guns out of your car and placing them in your house. This minimises the chances of theft. 

Always ensure that your Airsoft Guns are made safe before you store them by removing magazines and power sources. It is also recommended that you keep your magazines in a different location to your rifles.

You can follow this suggested checklist:

  1. Remove all Magazines from your Airsoft Guns

  2. Clear all Airsoft Guns

  3. Remove batteries from your AEGs

  4. Remove all BBs from Magazines

  5. Leave a small amount of Gas in Gas Magazines to preserve Seals

  6. Remove all CO2 Bulbs from Magazines / Guns

  7. Store Batteries in a Fire Safe container

Airsoft Gun Transportation

When transporting Airsoft guns it is important to make sure they are Safe. It is best to treat Airsoft Guns in the same way as Air rifles for transport, and only have them in a car when going to or from a game site or shop and always secure them in a bag or hard case. 

If you are stopped by the police and are transporting a rifle you must provide a valid reason for having the Airsoft Gun. Do not presume that every Police Officer will understand Airsoft and will most likely not know what UKARA is. Stay calm and explain about the sport and where you are going. Preferably having a site booking by name that the Officer can call.

When transporting your Airsoft Guns it is important they are not on show, in a gun bag/case and in the boot of the car. The ammunition/magazines should be stored in a separate location.  Airsoft Guns should never be transported in a ready-to-shoot state.

Please note that most Police Officers are not qualified to determine if an item is a firearm or not, and will have to request backup from a Qualified Individual, usually from the Armed Response. 

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General Questions

Do I have to transport my Airsoft Guns in a gun bag/case?

Yes. Having your Airsoft Guns in cases prevents the public from seeing them and will put you in a better light with the police should you be stopped.

What do I do if my Airsoft Guns are Stolen?

Inform the police immediately, and let them know exactly what has been taken. If you can supply them with pictures that is even better. They will want to track down your Airsoft Guns before they fall into the wrong hands.

Why should I take the batteries out of my Airsoft Gun?

Some guns will trickle drain the batteries over time, this kills LiPo batteries. Airsoft Guns with a MOSFET or ETU contain small computers which control the gearbox. These draw a tiny amount of power over time and this is enough to drain LiPo Batteries completely, rendering them useless. NiMh batteries are usually fine but should be taken out as a precaution to prevent corrosion from developing on the battery connectors.

Do I have to store batteries in a Fire Safe container?

The likelihood of batteries randomly exploding is low, however, it is better to be safe than sorry. We recommend storing and charging your batteries in a Battery Charging Bag

Do I have to transport my Magazines / Ammo separately to my Airsoft Gun?

You are not required to carry them separately, but will keep you in good stead with the police should they pull you over.

Why should I transport my RIF or IF in the boot?

Police frown very heavily upon having Airsoft Guns readily accessible to drivers and passengers in cars. Having them in your boot and securely stored in a case or bag puts you in good stead with the police should they pull you over.

I am Target Shooting at home with my Son / Daughter, do they still have to wear face protection?

Technically they do not, however, it is highly recommended they do. Your Significant Other will probably be very annoyed if they get hurt. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry!

My Airsoft Gun is a Two-Tone. Does this mean I can use it in public?

Absolutely not. Two-Tone Airsoft Guns are not exempt from any laws regarding the use of Airsoft Guns in public places and will be treated as real firearms by the police, just like a realistically coloured Airsoft Gun would be.