Airsoft FAQ: What is a MOSCART?

Airsoft FAQ: What is a MOSCART?

What is an Airsoft MOSCART?

Put simply, an Airsoft MOSCART is a reusable single shot gas-powered cartridge for Airsoft 40mm grenade launchers. MOSCARTs are capable of shooting a variety of payloads, the most common of which are the 6mm Airsoft BBs we all should be familiar with! 

S&T 70rnd 40mm MOSCART Grenades

The first MOSCART grenade and launcher was manufactured by a company called Mosquito Molds (also known as Craft Apple Works or CAW), and the name "MOSCART" is a combination of MOSquito and CARTridge. In the modern day, MOSCARTs are manufactured by a wide range of companies in an even wider range of configurations.

MOSCARTs are fuelled by gas, usually standard Airsoft Green Gas but certain designs such as the APS Hell Fire 40mm Grenade are CO2 compatible. Filling works the same way as a green gas magazine for GBB and NBB pistols, requiring that the gas bottle be inverted and indexed with the fill valve, usually found on the top front of the MOSCART shell. 

How do I load an Airsoft MOSCART grenade?

Loading a standard MOSCART (designed to fire 6mm BBs) is relatively simple, but due to the state of a MOSCART being capable of firing without a launcher, there are certain precautions which we consider essential. 

Step 1 - Eye Protection on

After the filling and loading of a MOSCART grenade, it is live and ready to go off. Eye protection should always be worn before filling a MOSCART. 

Step 2 - Fill the MOSCART with gas

Filling the gas before filling the MOSCART with projectiles is essential to prevent a potential leak or fault with the firing pin mechanism from causing a disaster. 

The fill valve is usually located on the "nose" of the shell, and filling can be done by placing the MOSCART on its base, inverting your gas can, indexing it with the fill valve and pressing down for around 5 seconds, repeating the process 2-3 times. When you have confirmed that your MOSCART is gas-tight, you can move on to loading your payload.  

Step 3 - Fill the MOSCART with BBs

S&T 120rnd 40mm MOSCART GrenadeThe final step is to fill your MOSCART with BBs, bearing in mind that it is loaded with gas and will go off if you press down the firing pin on the base (thus our relentless insistence on eye protection being worn).

On the top of your MOSCART shell, you will see a number of apertures, usually with an O-ring at the entrance to each. These apertures are where you load your BBs using either a speed loader or by hand. Some MOSCARTs such as the ASG 90rnd 40mm MOSCART Gas Grenade have a single wider aperture which is covered by a cap. In this case, simply pour your BBs into the aperture until full and place the cap on top to keep them retained. 

Step 4 - Load it and send it!

Congratulations, your MOSCART shell is now loaded and ready to shoot! Insert your shell into your launcher (carefully, don't touch the firing pin on the rear of the shell!) and let it rip. Here's to your unfortunate enemy 🍹

Why do Airsofters use MOSCARTs?

MOSCARTs are most commonly used to deal with multiple targets at close to medium range (10-20m) and are a fantastic tool for clearing tight bottlenecks and bunkers. Being able to send a cloud of angry BBs in the general direction of an enemy with a single trigger pull and be almost certain of a kill is what gives MOSCART users the edge in game, though this isn't without its drawbacks. 

S&T M320A1 40mm MOSCART Grenade Launcher

40mm MOSCART launchers tend to be heavy and are usually carried in addition to a rifle or SMG, either mounted to the primary weapon directly or carried as a secondary in the case of stand-alone launchers like the S&T M320A1. This can inhibit mobility and requires a certain amount of physical strength, especially when you factor in the weight of a full loadout of MOSCART grenades. 

Specna Arms SA-G01 M4A1 with M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

Weapon-mounted 40mm launchers like the Big Dragon Havoc or the S&T G316 add quite a bit of firepower to your primary weapon but while doing so they make it heavier, harder to point quickly and more fatiguing when carried for long durations. Certain playstyles suit this type of primary, but if your playstyle revolves around speed and mobility you would probably prefer a more lightweight solution. 

CYMA M052 40mm Pistol MOSCART Grenade LauncherAs a compromise, many Airsofters choose to carry a pistol style MOSCART launcher with a single shell as a secondary, avoiding the excess weight of longer launchers and the additional load-bearing capacity required to carry several MOSCART shells.

Our favourite launcher for this role is the CYMA M052 40mm Pistol Grenade Launcher thanks to its compact size and low weight. This launcher can be carried on a belt rig and is no more burdensome than the average full metal GBB pistol, allowing you to keep the mobility and still bust the odd bunker when needed. 

Now you know a bit more about MOSCARTs you must be itching to give the enemy what for! If you are ready to check out some 40mm MOSCART grenade launchers, click here. If you came looking for MOSCART shells, find them via the button below!

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