Novritsch 3D Camo Cover - SRS

  • Realistic 3D leaves
  • Stretchable adjustment strings
  • Fitted for SRS Sniper Rifles
If you want to meet the man behind the Novritsch YouTube channel and the fantastic Novritsch Airsoft gun range, now is your chance! See our blog for more information.

Become one with your surroundings and blend in like nobody else for an unparalleled sniping experience. Novritsch brings their Airsoft sniping expertise to the world of camouflage to take your gameplay to the next level. The 3D Camo Cover is a realistic rifle wrap, which is stretchable and fully adjustable to cover your rifle without getting in the way of your controls or vision.

Designed for use with SRS A1 and A2 style rifles, the cover is easily applied and tightened around your gun using adjustable drawstrings that match the colour of the wrap. The leaves themselves are incredibly realistic, using irregular patterns and shapes like they would appear in nature so as to fool even the most eagle-eyed of opponents.

The wrap is also fully customisable with Novritsch's Leaf Camo System line or you could even blend real foliage you find on the skirmish field and thread it through the tough, anti-rip mesh system.

Full description

Ghillie gear from Novritsch...



  • Mesh SRS rifle cover - Fitted for Silverback SRS Sniper Rifle
  • Blend in with foliage - Become a walking bush!
  • Controls still accessible - This cover won't slow you down
  • Realistic 3D leaves - Don't put your rifle down, you may never find it again!
  • Stretchable adjustment strings - Fit it as tightly as you want
  • Irregular leaf pattern for superior camo

Package Includes

  • Novritsch 3D Camo Cover - SRS



Tactical Equipment Type
Camouflage & Concealment
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.13kg


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Icon - V-Cam Multicam
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