Novritsch Modular Chest Rig 1.0

  • 1000D Nylon construction
  • Novritsch enhanced micro-rig - Agile & comfortable
  • Compatible with MOLLE pouches & Novritsch inserts

If you're browsing micro chest rigs and looking for the best out there, this may be it! The Novritsch Modular Chest Rig 1.0 is based on real steel micro-rig designs with enhancements added by the Novritsch Textiles Team, and the result is very impressive. 

Making use of the standard micro-rig format of a dual pocket chassis paired with a modular harness and waist strap, the Novritsch team added elasticated sections to the harness for improved flexibility, laser cut MOLLE loops to the front and sides for MOLLE pouch compatibility and breathable mesh fabric padding on all contact points for improved comfort over long durations of wear. Additional points of flexibility in the form of D-rings have also been added to the rear of the unique X-Harness, meaning even if you tighten the rig down you'll still maintain maximum mobility on the field. 

The Modular Chest Rig 1.0 is compatible with Novritsch magazine inserts in both the front and rear sections of the chassis, and can also take MOLLE pouches on the front and sides. A dangler pouch like the Novritsch Tactical Fanny Pack can also be added to the front via velcro, and the whole rig can be detached from its harness and mounted to the front of an APSC Plate Carrier. If you want maximum modularity and comfort from your micro-rig, look no further than the Novritsch Modular Chest Rig 1.0!

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Based on real steel micro-rigs which are rapidly gaining a big following in Airsoft, the Novritsch Modular Chest Rig 1.0 is a radical redesign of the standard micro-rig format, improving comfort, agility and adding even more modularity than the original real steel design. 

The Modular Chest Rig 1.0 uses the standard micro-rig format of a dual pocket chassis paired with a modular harness and waist strap, allowing it to be either run as a stand-alone rig or separated from the harness and used as a buckle-up placard for the Novritsch ASPC. This means you can kit your Modular Chest Rig out how you need, and switch between a woodland-friendly chest rig setup and a more protective plate carrier for CQB, all at the click of a buckle!

The chassis itself features two sections, both of which are compatible with Novritsch magazine inserts and other inserts with male Velcro/hook and loop. If you want to run heavy, you can mount additional MOLLE pouches to the front and sides, and even add a dangler pouch (Novritsch Tactical Fanny Pack recommended) to the front via the chassis' Velcro backing. 

The included X-Harness is a massive improvement over the common H-Harnesses used on most other Airsoft micro rigs, offering improved comfort and better weight distribution across the shoulders, similar to many aftermarket enhanced harnesses available on the real steel market. The harness also includes elasticated sections and D-rings segmenting the harness at the rear, improving flexibility and allowing you rotate your body without feeling restricted.

The rear of both the harness and chassis feature mesh fabric padding which serves both to improve airflow to the body and spread the weight of whatever load you're baring. Naturally, the harness is fully adjustable and should suit most body types, and all straps include a polymer retainer so everything stays neat once adjusted. 

Whether you run fast and need a rig that can keep up or you've been eyeing up micro-rigs as a summer alternative to your plate carrier, the Novritsch Modular Chest Rig 1.0 is a fantastic choice. Being comfortable, highly modular and looking the part along with plenty of thoughtful enhancements from Novritsch makes the Modular Chest Rig 1.0 our current favourite Airsoft micro-rig!


  • 1000D Nylon construction - High stitch density for strength & water resistance
  • Laser cut MOLLE on the front and sides - Add MOLLE pouches where you need them
  • Internal female hook & loop/velcro - Compatible with Novritsch mag inserts & male velcro-equipped inserts
  • Comfortable X-Harness with mesh backing - Distributes weight across the shoulders and improves breathability
  • Elastic sections on the X-Harness and waist strap - Allows for extra flexibility and agility
  • Two internal pockets - Fit whichever magazine inserts you require into each
  • Laser cut MOLLE/comms/hydro cable routing on each shoulder - Keep your cables and hoses out of the way
  • Run it as a stand-alone rig or mount it to your Novritsch ASPC plate carrier- Recce or Direct Action, you decide!
  • Magazine inserts NOT included - Novritsch inserts available here
  • Maximum waist strap adjustment: 40 Inches approx. 

Package Includes

  • Novritsch Modular Chest Rig 1.0



Tactical Equipment Type
Tactical Vest
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.475kg


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Item Colour
Coyote Tan
Patrol Base | Camouflage Pattern | Flecktarn
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Tropic Multicam
ACP Tropic
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  • Velcro
  • Polymer
  • Elastic
  • Mesh fabric
  • 1000D Nylon

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One Size Fits All