NUPROL 1911 Magazine Retention Pouch

Code: 6208
  • Ambidextrous
  • Belt Paddle System
  • Lightweight Holster

A Double Magazine Retention Pouch designed for WE Europe Airsoft 1911 Pistol Standard Sized Magazines. The holsters are constructed from Durable Polymer and are designed to allow the user to gain access to their Magazine and draw them as quick as possible.

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The angle of the holster can be adjusted to be at any angle allowing you to adjust the pistol to your optimal drawing position. The holster can also be removed from the paddle system and attached to WE Europe's NUPROL Drop Leg Holster Platform, giving you more options and more possibilities. This is the perfect holster for those who want a holster which allows for quick drawing, whilst at the same time, keeping your Airsoft Magazines secure and safe.


  • Holds two magazine
  • 360° Adjustable Angle
  • Paddle system for attaching to belts
  • Fits tightly to belts
  • Fits Belts up to 5.6cm wide and 0.5cm Thick
  • Holes in the bottom of the pouches to prevent them filling with water
  • Can also be fitted to the NUPROL Drop Leg Holster Platform
  • Branded: 'NUPROL'

Package Includes:

  • 1911 Magazine Retention Pouch

Special Instructions:

To adjust the angle of the Holster use the supplied Allen Key to loosen the bolt holding the Holster to the Back Paddle. Once in the desired position re-tighten the bolt.

This holster is built to allow you to draw and holster your Airsoft weapon as fast as possible, and as such is a perfect holster for Practical Pistol / Race Pistol target shooting.



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