NUPROL BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer Unit

  • Tracer unit w/muzzle flash - Various designs
  • Rainbow effect - Choose one colour or mix it up
  • For 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrels

If you are looking for a tracer unit with a unique look and rainbow flash functionality, the NUPROL BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer unit should be on your list! This unit is available in 3 different styles to suit any preference, from the hyper-aggressive "Shark" version to the moderately menacing "Octagon" and the more discrete and milsim-friendly "Stubby" model and all models offer the option to choose the colour of the dazzling muzzle flash effect.

The BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer unit mounts to any Airsoft gun with 14mm CCW male threads at the tip of the barrel, making it suitable for practically any AEG rifle straight out of the box. Naturally, being a tracer unit, this device also houses UV LEDs which make green tracer BBs glow on their way to the target, giving you a significant advantage when it comes to instinct aiming, low-light operations and psychological warfare.

Power is provided by an internal Lithium battery which can easily be recharged using the included Micro USB charger cable, and the housing is constructed from aluminium to provide the strength needed for the rigours of Airsoft skirmishing. If you are looking for a tracer unit with rainbow flash effect and an interesting external design, the BOCCA series tracer units have something for any taste!

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The NUPROL BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer Unit is available in 3 different styles, the "Shark" style with an aggressive toothed design akin to the nose art seen on combat aircraft, the "Octagon" style with its ported 6-prong design and the "Stubby" style which is similar in size and shape to the legendary Spitfire tracer unit, ideally suited to short platforms and pistols.

Offering both muzzle flash effect and tracer functionality, the BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer Unit adds a healthy dose of realism to your gat and allows you to make use of green tracer BBs for more effective instinct aiming and skirmishes in low light environments.

The colour of the muzzle flash can be customised to your heart's desire, with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple to choose from with 4 additional options in rainbow mode. The rainbow mode options are red/blue mix, red/green mix, blue/green mix and all colours mixed, giving you the option to subject the enemy to a full light show as well as incoming fire!

The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery which is charged up by removing the tracer internals from its shroud and connecting the included Micro USB charger cable. The battery will need to be charged up every 2 months to maintain health so we recommend staying on top of this for guaranteed long term functionality. The activation button is on the rear of the unit, facing the shooter, and both powers the unit on and off with a 3-4 second press and allows you to scroll between muzzle flash modes.

Quoting the user manual, NUPROL state that the unit can keep up with rates of fire of up to 35 rounds per second, meaning the BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer Unit can handle the rate of fire of practically anything you can get out of the box. Those looking for a rainbow tracer unit with a unique look; the BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer Unit should have something to suit your requirements no matter what your style!


  • Aluminium construction
  • Various designs to choose from
    • Shark - Sharkmouth style design
    • Octagon - 6-Prong ported design
    • Stubby - Short "Spitfire" style design
  • Choose your colour or mix it up with the rainbow mode
  • Muzzle flash effect - Adds realism, makes normal BBs glow for the first meter of travel
  • Four colour mix options:
    • Red/blue
    • Red/green
    • Blue/green
    • All colours (Rainbow)
  • Flash colour options include:
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Purple
  • Battery: Internal rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Maximum ROF 35 rounds per second - This unit will keep up with all but the fastest setups
  • Fits 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrels

Package Includes

  • NUPROL BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer Unit
  • Micro USB charger cable

Special Instructions

NUPROL mention an 11mm CW thread adapter in the user manual but this is only included with the "Stubby" variant. Please be aware, the NUPROL BOCCA Series Rainbow Tracer Unit "Shark" and "Octagon" do NOT come with a thread adapter for pistols.



Parts & Accessories Type
External Parts
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Octagon, Shark, Stubby,
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Package Includes
Tracer unit
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This Tracer Unit requires recharging before its first use and must be recharged every 2 months to maintain battery health.


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Item Colour
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Aluminium shell

Weight and Dimension

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Approx. 3.8cm, Approx. 3cm,
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Approx. 13cm, Approx. 8.4cm,
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Approx. 3.8cm, Approx. 3cm,
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Approx. 0.15kg, Approx. 0.149kg, Approx. 0.07kg,

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Internal Rechargeable

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CCW (Counter Clockwise)
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Outer Barrel Thread Type

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Tracer Unit