NUPROL CR123A 3V 1300mah Lithium Battery

Code: 8111
  • 3V 1300mAh Power
  • Lithium Battery Tech
  • For Torches / Camera

A 3V Lithium CR123A battery which is suitable for a wide range of sights, torches and other Airsoft / photography accessories.

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Small but essential, 3V CR123A batteries keep a multitude of electrical devices running, and whether you're an Airsofter, photographer, or just someone with a lot of battery-powered equipment, you'll need batteries. These batteries provide long life, high power output, making an excellent replacement to other high-profile brand batteries at a much cheaper price. The battery are perfect for Klarus and Surefire torches as well as for SLR, compact and other digital camera. This battery is perfect for those who go through a lot of CR123A batteries and a tired of paying over the top prices.


  • High quality long-life battery
  • Lithium photo quality batteries
  • Long shelf life
  • Used in torches and digital cameras
  • Perfect for Klarus torches
  • Perfect for SLR, compact and other digital camera
  • Replacement for:
    • Duracell DL123A
    • Energizer EL123AP
    • IEC CR17345
    • Kodak K123LA 
    • Maxell CR123A
    • CR123A Philips
    • Sony CR123A
    • Varta CR123A

Package Includes:

  • CR123A 3V 1300mah Lithium Battery


Battery Specification

Battery Type
CR123 / CR123A
Battery Voltage
Battery Amperage

Size guide

Airsoft Battery should only be charged with the chargers as they are specifically designed to work with the specific voltages required by the battery.

Different battery types have different chemical configurations, and require certain chargers to charge them. Charging a battery with the wrong charger can cause damage to the battery and charger, and can cause fires and further damage. Please ensure that before charging you double check that you are using the correct charger.

If your charger supports multiple battery types always ensure that it is on the correct settings before starting the charge.

If you are unsure of what battery or charger you have please get in touch with us via the Contact Us Page.

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