NUPROL Pro Mesh Goggles Eye Protection

  • Mesh Lenses
  • No Fogging Up
  • Adjustable Strap

High quality mesh goggles, allowing you to protect your eyes during Airsoft Skirmish or Military re-enactments without the risk of steaming up, obscuring your vision, like with plastic lens goggles. 

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The goggles themselves are constructed from a heavy duty Polymer, with an Alloy Visor, designed to be twice the thickness of the industry standard keeping your eyes as safe as possible. The headband is made from durable elastic, and is padded with soft stitched fabric designed to give you a comfortable fit which will not fall off whilst running. The goggles lenses are spaced to allow the maximum amount of light possible though, without impacting on safety. The product has been tested by WE Europe and has passed CE Safety Certification, giving you the confidence in the product. These goggles are perfect for those Airsoft skirmisher who are having problems with plastic lenses steaming up and need a solution.Please note: The image is Watermarked, and the Patrol Base logo will not be on the goggles.


  • Ventilated Frame to keep you cool
  • Sponge padded Frames
  • Adjustable Elastic Head Band
  • Tough fabric headband for a stronger grip on your head
  • Elastic Head Band is Nuprol trademarked
  • Sponge padding gives the goggles a super comfortable fit
  • Great eye seal for safety
  • Mesh lens has a central support for increased safety
  • Lens are 2x the thickness of mesh than the industry standard
  • Tested to CE Standards
  • Official WE Product

Package Includes:

  • Pro Mesh Goggles

Special Instructions

Please Note that this product has been designed and manufactured for re-enactment / Airsoft purposes only, and has no real ballistic properties.



Tactical Equipment Type


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Black, Tan , Olive Green ,
Multicam Colour Icon
Grey ,
Construction Icon
Polymer Frame, Mesh Eye Piece and Elastic Strap
Material Icon
Polymer, Elastic,

Glasses and Goggles Specific

Package Includes
Full Seal

Lens Specific

Lens Material
Circular Mesh
Prescription Inserts Compatible

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Customer reviews

2 / 5
1 review for NUPROL Pro Mesh Goggles Eye Protection customer reviews
Written on 20/03/2020
The mesh face mask has a uncomfortable design and doesn't fit around my face correctly to protect my eyes .

Shame as i had high hopes from a NUPROL product.
Rated 2 out of 5

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