NUPROL Tracer Unit 88x38mm - 14mm CCW

  • Aluminium alloy construction
  • For 14mm CCW male threads
  • Internal rechargeable battery - Charges via Micro-USB

If you are looking for a short tracer unit which maintains the illusion of being a suppressor, this NUPROL Tracer Unit does just that! Styled externally after a modern rifle suppressor, the NUPROL Tracer is a great addition to any CQB build thanks to its short overall length, and obviously, the intimidation factor glowing BBs provides. This tracer has an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged using the included Micro-USB cable, and can be mounted to any 14mm CCW male threaded barrel. 

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The NUPROL tracer unit is the latest from their BOCCA line of accessories for Airsoft AEGs and GBBs. This tracer is styled to look like a real steel suppressor and would be a fine choice for the skirmisher who not only wants every advantage in game but also wants to look the part while doing it. The collar surrounding the base of the tracer not only adds to its realistic look, but the extra grip it provides also makes adding and removing the tracer far easier. 

The tracer unit has an internal rechargeable battery which uses a Micro-USB cable (included) to charge. To access the charging port you will need to remove the tracer unit from its external shell which can be achieved by turning the collar counter-clockwise, with the threaded end facing you. 

The tracer is constructed from aluminium alloy and has a decent weight and heft, making it perhaps a bit too heavy for GBB pistol use but perfect for mounting on a CQB-optimised rifle. Its short overall length will keep your setup compact and easy to corner with while you enjoy the advantages of laying down a hail of glowing BBs! 


  • Aluminium alloy construction
  • 14mm CCW threads
  • Suppressor style look - Great for realism
  • Available in Black or Tan 
  • Short overall length - 8.8cm
  • Activation button on the rear of the unit
  • Internal rechargeable battery - Charged via Micro-USB
  • Tracer BBs required 

Package Includes

  • NUPROL Tracer Unit 88x38mm - 14mm CCW
  • Micro-USB Charging cable



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External Parts
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Package Includes


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Item Colour
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Aluminium alloy

Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 3.8cm
Product Length
Approx. 8.8cm
Product Width
Approx. 3.8cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.155kg

Powered Specific

Battery Type
Internal Rechargeable

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Outer Barrel Thread Direction
CCW (Counter Clockwise)
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Outer Barrel Thread Type

Suppressor Internals

Foam Filled
Barrel Extension

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Tracer Unit