Patrol Base Polymer Training Tomahawk V.1 - Hammer Style Poll

Patrol Base
  • Dummy Tomahawk
  • MOLLE retainer included
  • Give your kit the "Tier 1" touch

If you've got the drop on the enemy, and have managed to get within touching distance without being seen, there is nothing quite as satisfying as getting a knife kill in an Airsoft skirmish! In most cases, all that is needed is an empty hand and a pat on the shoulder to send the unfortunate victim back to regen, though for those who want a little more immersion, and something cool looking to add to their kit, there is always the Patrol Base Polymer Training Tomahawk! This Tomahawk is constructed from polymers, with a hard high density polymer handle and a slightly softer polymer head. If you were looking for a way to make your kit look more badass, this dummy Tomahawk will do it, and introduce the opportunity to get some memorable kills on the skirmish field!

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The Polymer Training Tomahawk is intended for martial arts training and Airsoft skirmishing and is also a super cool looking aesthetic item to attach to your plate carrier, chest rig or backpack for some Special Forces styling on the Airsoft field.

The Tomahawk is constructed from polymer with steel bolts adjoining the head and haft together. This dummy Tomahawk still has some mass despite the lack of metal in its construction, and as such we recommend that you only ever use this Tomahawk in slowed and controlled strikes in a martial arts context, or on the skirmish field with a gentle tap on the shoulder of your unaware enemy!

The haft, or handle, of the Tomahawk is ribbed to prevent it from slipping out of your hand in wet weather, and also includes two extensions further up at the "belly" of the axe to work with the included MOLLE retainer and keep the Tomahawk securely attached to your rig until needed. At the bottom of the haft, we can see a hole straight through, which can be used to attach a lanyard to ensure you don't lose your Tomahawk when crawling in the woodlands!

This is the V.1 version of the dummy Tomahawk and features a head with an axe style bit/blade and a hammer style poll/butt, with ports and dummy serrations to make it look extra tactical. The blade is completely blunt, and cannot be sharpened, but it is made of robust polymer and should never be used to strike another person.

Some Airsoft sites require that all dummy melee weapons have entirely rubber blades, in which case this Tomahawk would not be suitable for knife kills, but would still look cool mounted to the back of a plate carrier. Always check with your local site before using a melee weapon in Airsoft, safety comes first!


  • Polymer construction
  • Dummy training Tomahawk
  • Lanyard hole at the bottom of the haft
  • Ribbed grip/haft to ensure it doesn't slip
  • Front axe style bit/blade with hammer style poll/butt
  • Blunt edge for safe training with slow, predictable strikes
  • Ported head with dummy serrations - Looks really scary!
  • Includes MOLLE retainer for mounting to tactical vests
  • Extensions in the "belly" of the axe to prevent it from slipping out of the retainer
  • Oval grip profile for edge alignment - Realistic Tomahawk design

Package Includes

  • Patrol Base Polymer Training Tomahawk V.1 - Hammer Style Poll
  • MOLLE Retainer



Tactical Equipment Type
Dummy Equipment
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
This is a polymer dummy training tomahawk for Airsofting and martial arts training. It is not meant to be used for hard strikes and must not be used in this manner.

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.236kg
Product Height
Approx. 38cm
Product Length
Approx. 16.5cm
Product Width
Approx. 2.8cm


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Item Colour
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Polymer handle with steel mounting bolts and a polymer axe head.
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  • Polymer
  • Steel