Airsoft Power/ FPS Limits Explained

In this PBTV Airsoft Beginners Guide video we're explaining the FPS/Power limits applied to Airsoft guns in the UK, and what will be allowed on UK skirmish sites FPS-wise. If you are gearing up for your first game and you are wondering whether your gun will be site legal, join us for this beginners' guide on Airsoft power limits. 

The details in this video refer to the legal power limits of Airsoft guns in the UK mainland. Northern Ireland has its own legal power limits, as do places further afield, but for England, Scotland and Wales, these limits are the same. 

Regardless of what we say in this video, it is always wise to check the specific limits of your local site before attending a skirmish as some require lower limits for insurance reasons, or simply the preference of the site's owner. 

The full video is available above, but if you want to skip straight to the relevant section you can do so via the links below:

0:57 - Power limits for owning an Airsoft Gun
1:53 - Power limits for UK Airsoft Sites
2:46 - Joules vs FPS, What is the difference?

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