Airsoft Suppressors Explained!

In this PBTV Airsoft Beginner Guide video, we discuss suppressors, aka silencers as it pertains to Airsoft. Everyone wants the sneaky tactical look for their Airsoft gun, but before you take the plunge you need to familiarise yourself with the different types of suppressors, different thread types and how to install a suppressor onto your Airsoft AEG or GBB platform. 

If you are new to Airsoft and fancy adding a suppressor to your gun, this guide is essential! Whether you have a GBB pistol or an AEG rifle, allow us to clue you in on what you need to mount a suppressor and the process of mounting the suppressor itself and save you the guesswork!

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If you are less of a sneaky type and you prefer to hit out at the enemy with a tracer unit, you can check out our tracer units right here. If you desire the elite look for your primary and your playstyle relies on stealth you can get the drop on our Airsoft suppressor selection by clicking the button below!

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