CO2 or Airsoft Green Gas?

Continuing with our PBTV Beginner Guides series, this video explains the differences between different types of Airsoft gas, and what type of gas is best for which platform. 

As time goes by, Airsofters are greeted with more and more different gas types, and it can become quite confusing when different players refer to different gas types by different names. Allow us to condense things down a bit with this all in one gas knowledge video!

You can watch the entire video above, but if it is specific knowledge you seek you can follow the links to the key moments in the video using the links below: 

0:20 - CO2 Bulbs, Tips, and what not to do
0:33 - Inserting a 12g CO2 Airsoft Bulb
1:11 - Airsoft HPA Bottles, HPA Systems, and Gas
2:00 - Green Gas: White, Green, Red and Black Airsoft Gas
2:19 - Filling a Green Gas Airsoft Pistol Magazine
2:35 - How temperature affects Airsoft Green Gas
3:04 - What types of Airsoft Green Gas are there?
3:25 - Low Power Airsoft Gas: Duster / 144a Gas
3:36 - Airsoft Green Gas: The Standard
3:45 - Airsoft Red Gas, a bit more powerful
3:57 - Airsoft Black Gas, the most powerful
4:50 - Use of Pure Propane for Airsoft

Looking for more info?

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How to Lubricate an EU Series Gas Pistol [Video]

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