PJ 500rnd AK Style Magazine Speed Loader

Code: EX0407-BK
  • 500rnd Capacity
  • AK Mag style speed loader with fold-out GBB adapter
  • Fits nicely in AK magazine pouches

If you are an AK user and you need a speed loader to carry in game, the PJ 500rnd AK Magazine Style Speed Loader was made with you in mind! This speed loader mimics the real steel 7.62x39 AK magazine in its shape and design and fits nicely into AK mag pouches without standing out amongst other AK mags. 

The loader can be filled up by opening the fill port on the base of the mag at the rear, and the thumb plunger can be released by pushing the button at the front, also on the base of the mag. The loading aperture is at the top, concealed beneath a folding cover which keeps dirt and debris from fouling your loader and causing jams. With the aperture cover opened, you will see the aperture itself and a fold-out adapter used to load GBB pistols and rifles which can be quickly flipped into place to load a pistol, then flipped back into its stowed position. It's about time AK users got a speed loader to suit their kit!

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  • Polymer construction
  • 500rnd Capacity - Load through the fill port on the bottom
  • Folding aperture cover - Friction retained, stops dirt and debris from entering the loader
  • Thumb plunger design - Plunger stowed on the bottom of the mag, slide the button to release
  • AK 7.62x39 magazine style speed loader - A great fit in AK mag pouches
  • Fold-out GBB adapter built-in - Load your GBB and AEG mags with one loader

Package Includes

  • PJ 500rnd AK Magazine Style Speed Loader



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Magazine Accessory, Speed Loader,
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Approx. 0.162kg


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