Replica Ghost Skull 2 Hole Cotton Balaclava Mask Ver. 2

Product code: M51617224-B-02
  • Dual Eye Holes
  • Covers the Neck
  • Cotton Balaclava

A full face Balaclava which when worn increases your operational potential, and is designed to conceal your identity from your enemies, scaring them into submission by pretending to be a spooky scary skeleton and is worn in a non-brand specific fast-paced fishing game.

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The Balaclava is constructed from Lightweight cotton and protects the entire head, taking the sting out of BB hits. The Balaclava is one size fits all, and also covers the neck for an extra level of protection. Wearing the mask allows you to take a trip down the uncanny valley, working together with your task force of ethereal beings to stop the activation of a new evil super-weapon using fizzy green energy drink and deltoid shaped spicy tortilla chips. Wearing the mask also gives you access to the Sleight of Hand and Agility Perks, as well as allowing you to 360 no-scope people. Mom, get the camera!


  • Full face balaclava
  • One size fits all
  • Comfortable Cotton fabric
  • Lightweight head cover
  • Covers the neck
  • Join a squad of highly elite warriors to 360 no-scope your way to victory

Package Includes:

  • Ghost Skull 2 Hole Cotton Balaclava Mask Ver. 2



Colour Wheel Greyscale
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Approx. 0.05kg


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