Vaide Scrapper Subcompact Pistol Flashlight w/ Strobe

  • Strobe mode
  •  40/200/500 Lumen Output
  • Ultra low-profile pistol light
  • If you have been looking for a pistol light to aid your efforts in CQB, this is one of the best we have seen! Introducing the Vaide Scrapper, a compact tactical flashlight optimised for use with compact and subcompact pistols, but equally at home on a CQB primary. The light features magnetic charging, several output levels, and a touch-sensitive smart sensor which allows some serious tactical functionality. 

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    The Scrapper Subcompact Pistol Flashlight from Vaide is not only one of the smallest, but also one of the most functional pistol lights available on the market today. This light features some incredible innovations that are usually reserved for high-end real steel tactical lights, and it definitely puts other competitors in the Airsoft world to shame!

    The Scrapper is a mere 5cm long, meaning even if your setup is short of space, the Scrapper will likely be able to squeeze on. The body of the light itself is constructed from Aluminium 6061-T6, keeping the overall weight low and maintaining the strength to survive in dynamic situations. The Ultra-compact integral 20mm Picatinny mount keeps the light slick-sided, aiding in holstering and reducing the possibility of snagging on your kit. The mount is machined as a part of the body of the flashlight and has a steel locking screw to ensure the light mounts firmly to your pistol. 

    The functionality of this light is where it really shines (wink). The Scrapper offers multiple different output levels, ranging from low output at 40 Lumens (ideal for navigation without giving your position away) to combat-capable 200 Lumens on mid output, all the way up to 500 Lumens on high for serious range and performance outdoors or in larger spaces. The controls of the Scrapper take the form of two buttons, one on the left and one on the right. Both of these buttons lie easily within reach of your hands when holding your pistol in a firing grip, and whilst they are firm enough to avoid accidentally discharging your light they are easy to press when you need. The button on the left side of the light is your on/off button, and can simply be pressed to turn the constant mode on and off. This button doubles to activate "strobe" mode with a double click, allowing you to disguise your location and confuse your enemies. The on/off button can also be used to select between the output modes, with a 1-second hold of the button cycling through the 40/200/500 Lumen modes. 

    The real magic is on the right side, which is the "Smart-Sensor" button. This function allows you to rest your trigger finger on the button when you are not engaging, keeping the light turned off, and a soon as you remove your finger to take the shot, the light will fire up. This is an extremely valuable feature, as it guarantees good light discipline, and simplifies the process of learning to use your tactical light effectively without giving your position away with poor light discipline. If you have ever used a conventional pistol light, you will understand why this is such a useful feature. It gives you nothing else to worry about other than engaging your target, providing light every time you remove your finger from the smart sensor to fire, meaning you don't have to control both your trigger and your light which removes the possibility for error. 

    The Scrapper charges via a magnetic USB charger, which is not only convenient but offers some excellent economy. Lights of this level of output usually take CR123a batteries, which are expensive, and believe me, when pumping out 500 Lumens they won't last very long! So if you are looking for a compact pistol light offering uniquely excellent functionality which will save you money down the line, the Vaide Scrapper is an obvious choice!


    • 6061-T6 Aluminium construction
    • Magnetic charging via USB cable
    • 40/200/500 Lumens output
    • Strobe mode 
    • Literally microscopic - if your pistol has a rail, this will fit
    • Smart-sensor functionality - turns the light on for you!
    • Rechargeable internal battery
    • Integrated low profile 20mm Picatinny mount

    Package Includes

    • Viade Scrapper Subcompact Pistol Flashlight w/Strobe
    • Polymer Carry case
    • Rail anti-wobble inserts
    • Allen key
    • Charger cable
    • User Manual 



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    Flashlight, Torches, and Lasers, Flashlight / Torch,
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    Over 18

    Weight and Dimension

    Weight KG Icon
    Weight (KG)
    Approx. 0.054kg
    Product Height
    Approx. 3cm
    Product Length
    Approx. 5cm
    Product Width
    Approx. 2.7cm


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    Item Colour
    Black, Bronze,
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    Aluminium with steel mounting bolt
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    Aluminium, Steel,

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