WADSN DBAL-A2 Aiming Device Red and IR Laser

  • Integrated QD 20mm Picatinny mount
  • Includes pressure switch 
  • White light, red laser and IR laser in one unit

If you have a small gun but a big need for illumination, or if you want the latest compact, high speed PEQ style laser unit, the DBAL-A2 from WADSN may be what you have been looking for! With more functions than the space shuttle and a compact lightweight form, you need your excuses ready to not want this on your primary!

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The DBAL-A2 from WADSN is a close reproduction of one of the most compact yet functional LAM units on the market today. The unit provides 3 functions; A white light, a red aiming laser, and an IR laser for use with night vision. Both the lasers in the unit can be zeroed, using the knurled dials on the top right and right side of the unit. Both lasers are zeroed as a single unit, meaning you'll spend half the time setting this bad boy up once it's mounted! The adjustment dials require no tools to turn and have helpful white markings on to indicate the default, meaning you will never lose the default setting. 

The adjustment dials on the left side can be turned, and provide feedback in the form of an audible and tactile click. Obviously, there is no need to zero your weapon light, but nonetheless, the angle of the light can be altered by turning the dials on the left side. We assume this is to prevent "suppressor shadow", and allow you to avoid blocking your white light output with a suppressor or tracer mounted. Between the adjustment dials, in the centre of the unit, we can find a protruding screw. This can be used to mount the included leaf sight, and whilst this may not be the best way to aim, it is better than nothing if your primary optic goes down in the thick of it! The leaf sight is included in the box, but you don't have to mount it if you prefer the flat-topped look for your DBAL-A2.

At the front of the unit, between the laser apertures is the battery compartment, which is concealed beneath a threaded, knurled cap. The unit is powered by a single CR123a battery, providing 1 hour of continuous use on high power, and 4 hours on low power mode. Each of the front apertures has a rubber protective cover which can be flipped to the side with the tabs which face the centre of the unit. These covers help keep dirt and debris out of the unit and provide an extra level of safety, ensuring an accidental light/laser discharge cannot harm anyone's eyes provided the covers are in place. 

The controls to operate the DBAL-A2 can be found on the rear of the unit, taking the form of two dials. The dials have high vis white markings, ensuring you can keep track of the settings of the unit. The dial at the left controls the fire mode, providing constant on for both high and low power and momentary-on for both power settings. The high power settings are locked off with an Allen screw, known as the safety screw, which prevents you from accidentally lighting yourself up. High power mode can be accessed by removing the screw, freeing the dial to be rotated into the "HI PWR" positions. The dial on the right side controls the unit's function, offering the visible laser or white light illuminator (I/R ILLUM on the dial) alone, IR laser alone or the IR laser combined with the visible illuminator. 

Provided with the DBAL-A2 is a pressure switch with velcro strips to secure it to your rifle, and two Allen keys for adjustment/disassembly of the unit. The pressure switch allows remote activation of any of the unit's functions which is particularly useful if you want to mount the DBAL-A2 on a long railed handguard or a distance away from where you would grip the rifle. This laser unit also comes with an integrated quick detach mount for 20mm Picatinny rails, allowing the unit to be quickly and easily mounted, or removed and remounted in seconds, with no tools necessary. The mount is constructed from aluminium and features a steel locking tab in the centre of the QD throw lever which needs to be pressed to open the lever and mount the laser. The DBAL-A2 is supplied in a polymer carry case with foam inserts to provide a safe way to transport and store the unit. 


  • Integrated QD Picatinny mount
  • White light illuminator
  • Compact design
  • Red and IR laser
  • Fully adjustable
  • Backup leaf sight included
  • High power mode - Locked off with Allen screw by default
  • Rubber protective lens caps
  • Realistic markings and warning stickers
  • Includes pressure switch (2.5mm Jack) with 3M Velcro to mount it
  • Supplied in a polymer hard case
  • Takes 1x CR123a Battery (not included)
  • High quality polymer build with aluminium mount

Package Includes

  • WADSN DBAL-A2 Aiming Device Red and IR Laser
  • Polymer Carry case
  • Pressure switch w/velcro 
  • Leaf sight
  • Allen Key x2
  • User Manual



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Flashlight, Torches, and Lasers, Flashlight / Torch, Laser,
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Over 18
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Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.133kg
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Approx. 4.5cm
Product Length
Approx. 8.7cm
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Approx. 7cm


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Black, Dark Earth,
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Polymer with aluminium trim parts, alloy mount with steel screw.
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Polymer, Aluminium, Steel, Alloy,