Vector Optics Lens Protector Cap For Red Dot Sight; 29-29.3mm

Vector Optics
Code: SCOT-59Q
  • Polycarbonate lens protector
  • For red dot sights/scopes - Objective lens diameter 29-29.3mm
  • Keep your optic well protected against BB impacts!

If you have a nice optic you want to keep safe but you also want to use it to great effect in skirmishes you can do so with confidence with this Vector Optics lens protector installed! The Lens Protector Cap For Red Dot Sight is designed to fit red dot sights or scopes with an objective lens diameter of between 29 and 29.3mm and is comprised of 3 parts; the aluminium housing, the polycarbonate protective lens and rubber O-rings to ensure a tight fit.

Avoid that heart-stopping moment you hear glass smashing mid-game for a far smaller financial sacrifice than buying a whole new optic!

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  • Polycarbonate protective lens
  • Aluminium surround/housing
  • Rubber O-rings for fitting included
  • Friction fits around your objective lens
  • Compatible with Red dot sights and scopes with objective lens measuring 29-29.3mm

Package Includes

  • Vector Optics Lens Protector Cap For Red Dot Sight; 29-29.3mm



External Part Type
Lens Protector
Package Includes
Lens protector


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Item Colour
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Aluminium housing with polycarbonate protective lens and rubber o-rings

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.011kg

Cover Specific

Cover Type
Sight Cover