Viper Tactical First Aid Kit with Pouch

  • First Aid Kit
  • Basic Kit Included
  • MOLLE Compatible

Providing quick access to basic First Aid supplies, and is attachable to MOLLE Rigs, Pouches and Backpacks. The pouch is constructed from 600D Cordua, and features two Rear Securing Straps for MOLLE panels. 

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The pouch features a front Velcro panel for attaching medic patches, and the pouch comes with one pre-fit. The top of the pouch features a hood, which protects the contents from dirt and water, and can be pulled closed with a pull chord. The package contains an array of basic medical supplies, such as scissors, drawing pins, a bandage and plasters. This is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who is prone to falling over, or for those who are First Aid Trained and need an easy to carry pouch which can be attached to Belts and Backpacks.


  • First Aid pack built by Reliance Medical with 3+ Year Shelf Life
  • Rubber Medic Patch Included
  • Interior Hood with pull chord
  • Velcro Release Flap
  • MOLLE Compatible Pouch
  • Pack contains:
    • Non-adherent Dressing 5cm x 5cm x1
    • Pack of assorted Six Safety Pins x1
    • Waterproof Dressing Strip 4cm x 1m x1
    • Scissors x1
    • Alcohol-Free Antiseptic Wipes x2
    • WOW Bandage 5cm BP Quality x1
    • 15g Antiseptic Cream x1
    • Crepe Bandage x1

Package Includes:

  • First Aid Kit with Pouch



Tactical Equipment Type
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Black, Olive Green ,
Icon - V-Cam Multicam
V-Cam Vipercam
Coyote Tan,
Material Icon
Product Height
Approx. 17cm
Product Length
Approx. 10cm
Product Width
Approx. 7cm

Pouch Specific

Pouch Type
Utility, Medic,
Attachment Method
Securing Feature
Velcro, Flap Cover,
Adjustable Size

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