Viper Tactical Tactical Micro Utility Pouch

  • Dual Compartment
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Soft Lined Main Pocket

    Small and compact utility pouch designed to be attached to belts, bags, vests and chest rigs where a MOLLE panel is available. The Pouch is constructed from heavy duty 600D Cordua. 

    Full description


    The pouch features two compartments, a quick access front pocket, and a larger main compartment which is accessible using a dual zip system. The front compartment features a fabric Velcro flap, which can be quickly and easily accessed, and can be used to store tools and other items which need to be quickly accessed during a fire-fight. The main compartment is designed to hold more precious items, with two internal pockets for holding electronic items, with a soft fabric lining designed to protect screens. This pouch is perfect for those Airsoft skirmishers who are looking for a pouch to hold a few small items, or for someone who needs to carry small essential tools in a quick access location where MOLLE panel space is at a premium.


    • Two MOLLE rear loops
    • The addition to rigs and vests
    • Heavy duty 600D cordua design
    • Attaches securely to bags, vests, and rigs with MOLLE panelling
    • Two compartments
    • Front flapped compartment for quick access
    • Dual zip main compartment for easy access and closure
    • Zips feature string pulls for use even with gloves
    • Soft lined main compartment to protect screens and electronics
    • Elasticated and netted internal pocket
    • Fabric internal pocket
    • Internal Nylon fabric corners, which hold the main compartment open at 45 degrees

    Package Includes:

    • Tactical Micro Utility Pouch



    Tactical Equipment Type
    Colour Wheel Greyscale
    Item Colour
    Black, Olive Green ,
    Icon - V-Cam Multicam
    V-Cam Vipercam
    Coyote Tan, Titanium Grey,
    Material Icon
    Product Height
    Approx. 13cm
    Product Length
    Approx. 8cm
    Product Width
    Approx. 6cm

    Pouch Specific

    Pouch Type
    Attachment Method
    Securing Feature
    Flap Cover, Dual Zip,
    Adjustable Size
    MOLLE Type

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