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  • VORSK 0.28g Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel
  • Great for tracer-equipped GBBRs in CQB

If you go toe-to-toe with the speedybois in CQB using a GBBR, hats off to you, you have "cajones"! The GBBR CQB Tracer Pack is intended to keep your GBBR locked and loaded with VORSK's 0.28g Tracer BBs and VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel which should keep you within CQB-friendly velocities while keeping the thunderous recoil and snappy response GBBRs are known for. While this pack is primarily for GBBRs, if you run a GBB pistol with a metal slide and upgraded HOP-up this should suit your setup just as well!

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  • Green Tracers BBs
  • ±0.01mm Tolerance
  • 0.28g 6mm Tracer BBs

Produced by VORSK Airsoft, these Airsoft Tracer BBs are precision engineered 6mm BBs which are designed to be used in a wide range of Airsoft guns and replicas. These BBs are part of the VORSKs brand new range of Airsoft BBs ranging from light weight BBs for beginner Airsoft players, all the way up to super heavyweight BBs for professional players and snipers.

These particular BBs are Tracer 0.28g BBs which have been infused with glow in the dark materials allowing them to be fired through Airsoft Tracer units to sling a glowing BB down range at your target. Available in Green these Tracer BBs are Super fun for use in dark environments to track your shots as they fly, or to add to the end of a magazine to let you know you're running low.

This weight of BBs is specifically designed with a higher weight to allow it to punch through light wind and bushes with ease, allowing you to be more effective in outdoor games. These  BBs perform best when used in Airsoft guns between 300fps - 400fps, and are great in replicas which have had upgrades or come with an extremely good hop out of the box. 

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Code: VCP-GAS-V8
  • 190 PSI Output
  • Power Up Green Gas
  • For GBB Pistols & Rifles

VORSK V8! A Performance enhancing Green Gas designed for use in Alloy / Metal slide Gas Blowback Pistols & Rifles. The VORSK V8 Green Gas provides you with a highly consistent composition of Gas to Silicone lubricant ratio, thus keeping your magazines and seals healthy while providing you with a super strong recoil and great shot-to-shot consistency! VORSK V8 Is the perfect Fuel for those of you looking for a little more kick! 

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Do not leave Airsoft Gas items in Hot Cars, or Direct Sunlight.

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Green Gas
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Propane, Lubricants,