WADSN WML Tactical Illuminator; Long Version

  • Fibre-reinforced polymer construction
  • 220 Lumens output with Strobe
  • Integrated mount and pressure switch

If you are looking for a lightweight tactical flashlight with more of an integral look, the WADSN WML should fit the bill! The sleek design of the WML keeps the light tight into your weapon to minimise snags and its integral switch makes it great for compact weapons with less rail space. The WML is designed with a wide variety of modes to choose from, and an integral Picatinny mount with spring loading to guarantee a tighter fit even on off-spec rails. This flashlight provides both momentary and constant on, as well as a stroboscopic mode to dazzle the enemy and give you a few extra moments to get the kill as you clear rooms in CQB.

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The WADSN WML Long Version is constructed with a fibreglass reinforced polymer shell, a steel bolt in the mount and an aluminium bezel with polymer coating which keeps the flashlight's weight low and provides scratch resistance and a more dull finish to avoid reflected sunlight giving away your position. The design of the WML is both advanced and simple at the same time; offering a wider than usual range of functions and integrating a pressure switch/touchpad into the light body itself which allows the light to take up less overall space on rails than others.

The large rubber switch at the rear of the light is the activation switch and will turn the light on in whatever mode you select with the mode selector on the left side. The switch has a textured upper surface to ensure you don't slip off it at a critical moment. Surrounding the switch we can find the "lockout" system, which comes in the form of a fibreglass reinforced polymer bar which can be flipped up to block the activation switch. This is very useful for the more sneaky player as it allows the light to be locked and prevents a potential accidental white light discharge from giving your flanking manoeuvre away! If you have the light locked out and you suddenly need it the mechanism in the lockout system provides spring assistance, meaning with just a quick flip of the fingertip you can get back to overt operations. 

The mode selector can be found on the left side of the light and provides two positions. With the switch flipped to the rear the light is in momentary-on mode, meaning the light will stay on whilst you hold the switch but will turn off as soon as you release it. Rotating the selector forwards sets the light to constant-on/strobe mode, helpfully indicated by a white line marked on the top of the lever. The constant-on mode means with a quick tap the light will turn on and stay on until you tap again to turn it off. Whilst the light is in constant-on, you can also access the strobe mode by double-tapping the switch. This is great for disorienting the enemy as you enter a room, and is a great tool to gain a slight upper hand when on the offensive. The strobe can be turned off again with an additional press on the activation switch. 

The mount of the WML Long is integrated into the body of the light itself, saving weight and keeping the light close to your rails for a sleek, low profile fit. This mount uses a flat spring inside its mechanism, not only to make mounting super quick and easy but to ensure the WML is tight even on rails that are slightly off-spec. To mount the light, simply hold the mount open against its spring using the steel screw on the right side, and drop it onto your rail where it will clamp securely. For added security, you can tighten the steel locking screw for a rock-solid fit. 

To install a battery in the WML Long, all you need to do is unscrew the bezel (head) of the light, and two CR123a cells can be inserted to power the unit. The WML can be used with both standard disposable CR123a cells and rechargeable CR123a cells. Included in the lovely hard polymer case the WML is supplied in you will also find a set of stickers to add realistic markings to the side of your WML, just beneath the locking screw and on the bottom of the light body. 

The WML is the perfect tactical light for more modern rifle setups, and provides all the functionality of an M6xx series light and more, whilst fitting comfortably on your rails and saving room for more cool accessories thanks to its integrated pressure switch. The WML design makes it perfect for anyone who likes a slick sided rifle which can be slung comfortably and is much less likely to get snagged on your kit at a critical moment!


  • Fibre-glass reinforced polymer construction
  • Steel securing bolt
  • Aluminium bezel
  • Long version - Longer battery life
  • Takes 2x CR123a (not included)
  • Integrated pressure switch
  • Integral 20mm Picatinny rail mount
  • Mode selector switch on the left side
  • Lockout function - Prevents accidental light discharges
  • Momentary/constant-on functionality
  • Stroboscopic mode - Dazzle the enemy on entry!
  • Supplied in a hard polymer storage case
  • Includes marking stickers 

Package Includes

  • WADSN WML Tactical Illuminator Constant / Momentary / Strobe Long Version
  • Marking stickers



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Flashlight, Torches, and Lasers, Flashlight / Torch,
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.101kg
Product Height
Approx. 4cm
Product Length
Approx. 13.5cm
Product Width
Approx. 4.6cm


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Item Colour
Black, Tan ,
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Fibre reinforced polymer body with steel locking bolt and mount spring.
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Polymer, Steel,