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  • For WE Pitbull Pistol
  • Replacement Sight Pair
  • Perfect Spare / Replacement

    An OEM Manufactured replacement front and rear sight pair for WE Europe Pit Bull Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols. 

    • Alloy Base Plate
    • Full Alloy Design
    • For W65U Makarov

    A spare magazine for WE Europe's Makarov W65U pistols. The magazine is constructed entirely from Alloy and features an Alloy base plate, making the magazine durable and more resistant to drops. 

    • 15 Round Capacity
    • G26/27/33 Advance
    • Unique Grip Base Plate

    A gas blowback magazine designed for the WE Europe G-Series compact pistol range, and is designed to fit the G26, G27, and the G33 Advance. The magazine is constructed from Alloy, with a Polymer base plate, feed lips and follower, and comes fitted with a unique curved base plate.

    • GBB Pistol Use
    • 16rnd Capacity
    • Metal Construction

    A Green Gas powered magazine designed to be used with WE Europe's TT-33 gas blowback pistol. The magazine is constructed from durable Alloy, with Polymer feed lips and follower.

    • Double Stacked
    • For EX-L PX4 Pistol
    • Gas Blowback Magazine

    A replacement magazine for EX Series PX4 Style WE Airsoft gas blowback pistols.

    • Easy to Install
    • OEM Replacement
    • Good Spare to Own

    A complete kit to resolve 99% of gas inefficiency and leaking problems throughout your pistol. 

    • For WE 1911
    • Full Alloy Design
    • Single Stack Mag

    A spare magazine for WE Europe 1911 Airsoft pistols. The magazine is constructed entirely from Alloy, with the only Polymer parts being the feed lips and follower.

    • 15rnd Capacity
    • Removable Base Plate
    • Full Metal Construction

    A replacement magazine for the WE Europe Little Bird pistol collection. The magazine is constructed from Alloy, and is finished matte black. 

    • 22rnd Capacity
    • Removable Base Plate
    • Full Metal Construction

    A replacement magazine for the WE Europe Little Bird pistol collection. The magazine is constructed from Alloy, and is finished matte black.

    • For F228 / F229 Pistol
    • 25rnd Double Stacked
    • Gas Blowback Magazine

    A gas blowback Airsoft 6mm BB gun magazine designed for WE Europe's F228 series and F229 series pistols. The magazine is construced with an Alloy body, with Polymer feed lips and base and features a black finish. 

    • CO2 Powered
    • 25rnd Capacity
    • Alloy Construction

    A CO2 magazine in that holds up to 25rnds at a time. CO2 powered the 12g bulb is stored in the bottom of the magazine with an easy to release base plate and easy access CO2 base plate. 

    • For EU17 Gen5
    • 25rnd Capacity
    • Fits Gen 3 / Gen 4

    A spare or replacement Gas Magazine for the WE branded EU17 series Pistols. It is designed for the GEN 5 iteration of the EU17 but will function with GEN 3 and GEN 4 Pistols as well. It holds a total of 25rnds and can be filled with a Speedloader from the top or bottom.

    • 15rnd Single Stack
    • For P-08 Series Pistol
    • Bottom Fill Valve Mag

    A gas blowback magazine designed for use with the WE Europe P08 Luger 6mm Airsoft BB gun. The magazine is constructed fully from Alloy and features a Polymer BB feed guide.

    • CO2 Magazine
    • 25rnd Capacity
    • Big & Little Bird Compatible

    A replacement CO2 magazine for the WE Europe Toucan pistol range. As the name suggests, this is a replacement magazine with a twist. Rather than the traditional green gas these use CO2 Bulbs, offering vaslty enhanced performance in your Airsoft Toucan Pistols especially in the cold.

    • 17rnd Capacity
    • Polymer Feed Lips
    • Chrome Appearance

    A chrome-effect gas magazine for the WE XDM Compact 3.8, which can hold up to 17 rounds.

    • 25rnd Capacity
    • Full Metal Construction
    • WE -M92 CO2 Magazine

    WE M92 CO2 magazine designed for use in the WE M92, SAMURAI EDGE and other pistols. Each magazine is of a full metal construction and holds up to 25 rounds. 

    • 24rnd Capacity
    • Full Metal Construction
    • Replacement Magazine

    These magazines are perfect for those who have the 3.8 Hi-Capa pistol, allowing you to have more shots available and allowing you to practice pistol loading drills.

    • WE MCR-H AEG Specific 
    • Lightweight & Solidly Constructed
    • Replica SCAR-H 7.62mm Magazine

    A 330 round 6mm BB Airsoft high capacity magazine for WE's Electric Airsoft Gun (AEG) MCR-H SCAR-H replica. Lightweight, solidly built, and an accurate imitation of the external appearance of the real SCAR-H's 7.62mm STANAG magazines.

    • 20 Round Capacity
    • For WE G19 / G23 Pistol
    • Gas Blowback Magazine

    A gas blowback Magazine for the WE Europe G-Series Pistols G19, and G23.

    • 22rnd Capacity
    • Gas Powered Mag
    • For WE PX-001/P99

    A 22rnd gas powered magazine for the WE PX-001, and is reported as fitting the WE P99 also.

    • Increase FPS
    • Mock Suppressor
    • Long Inner Barrel

    A kit which allows you to increase your FPS and Accuracy of your Gas Blowback WE Europe Pistols by extending your Pistol's Inner barrel.

    • Great Reliability
    • CO2 Powered Mag
    • 25 Round Magazine

    A CO2 magazine designed for the WE G Series pistols, allowing you to make the move from Green Gas to CO2. The magazine is robust and gives excellent power for every shot, built from Alloy the magazine comes with a steel screw in base for extra durability. 

    • Single Stack
    • Chrome Effect
    • Fits AW/WE 1911s

    A replacement gas magazine for WE/Armourer Works branded 1911 models, finished in a gorgeous chrome effect plating.

    • Gas Blowback
    • Large Gas Well
    • For MP7/NP7/SMG8

    A spare magazine for the Gas Blow back sub machine gun, the WE - SMG-8, and the WE - MP7A1 (Also known as the New Wave - NP7). 

    • Bolt Stop Lever
    • Efficient Gas System
    • Interlocking Magazine

    A magazine designed for WE brand G36 / G39 Airsoft gas blowback rifles.

    • 50 Round Magazine
    • Improved Cooldown
    • For WE G-Series Pistol

    A Gas Blowback Magazine designed for the WE Europe G-Series Pistol Range, designed to allow the user to carry more rounds than standard Airsoft Pistols, giving the user a tactical edge in the field. 

    • For WE/Marui M92
    • Extended Magazine
    • Extra Tough Baseplate

    A replacement gas magazine for an Airsoft Biohazard M92 that will work in standard WE and Marui M92s as well as the Samurai Edge model it is intended for.

    Was £109.99
    Save £25.00
    • Returned by Customer
    • Cosmetic Damage
    • Vents Gas

    A WE Europe M92 Gen2 Gas Blowback Pistol which was returned to us by a customer after skirmishing for a few games before it started to develop faults. The pistol will vent all the gas from the magazine after a few rounds making it unskirmishable. You may be able to salvage some parts, however there are signs of use externally on the pistol with a scuffed outer barrel from the replica being shot. A great project gun for someone who has had these problems before and fixed them.

    From £99.99
    • Gas Blowback
    • Ultra Compact
    • Two Stage Trigger

    An Airsoft 6mm Gas Blowback BB Gun and is designed to be as small and compact as possible. The pistol is constructed with an Alloy Slide and Polymer Frame with Fixed top Iron sights. 

    From £99.99
    • Gas Blow Back
    • Adjustable Straps
    • Adjustable Hop-Up

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which comes with a multitude of features which all add together to provide a very ergonomic weapon. The Pistol is constructed with an Alloy Slide and Internals with a Polymer Frame, and rubber Back Grips.

    All the latest and greatest offerings from WE!

    WE Airsoft Europe are a company based in the UK, dedicated to bringing Europe and the rest of the world the very best in Airsoft Weapons, such as Pistols and Rifles, in both Electric and Gas format, as well as Optics, Wearable gear and Parts. With WE Europe's newest addition to their family, their NUPROL range has been bringing out new and innovative products designed to make your Airsoft Kit easier to maintain and more affordable.

    Their main brand for WE Europe supplies Gas Blowback Rifles and Pistols, AEG Rifles, Magazines, Chargers and a range of repair parts, whilst their NUPROL Range provides Protection, Ammo, Helmets, Gas, Batteries, Optics, Spray Paint and Maintenance equipment.