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From £124.99
  • Alloy Top Slide
  • Top & Bottom Rails
  • 14mm CCW Thread

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol that is based on the AAP / EU Series, giving you the cool design of a Ruger-style Pistol, with the tough and realistic construction of a WE Pistol, and all the Semi/Full Auto fun you could want! This space-age Pistol comes supplied with a top and underside 20mm Rail, as well as a Threaded Barrel and Low Light Ironsights, making this a strong choice for any Airsoft player wanting to make a statement.

  • For WE Pitbull Pistol
  • Replacement Sight Pair
  • Perfect Spare / Replacement

    An OEM Manufactured replacement front and rear sight pair for WE Europe Pit Bull Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols. 

    • Fix Leaky Magazines
    • Remove Valves Safely
    • Alternative To Buying New Mags

    A handy tool that lets you remove magazine valves without damaging them. An essential piece of kit for those with leaky magazines, and would rather get their hands dirty than buy a new magazine.

    Was £14.99
    Save £2.00
    • 20mm RIS/RAS
    • For WE Hi-Capas
    • 'Potato Smasher'

    This Alloy constructed Muzzle Device is designed for WE branded Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistols, and will provide a 20mm Underside Rail as well as the well-known 'potato smasher' front end. This is the perfect accessory for a Hi-Capa that you want to add your own unique touch to, especially if you want to add a Torch or Laser.

    Was £22.95
    Save £7.96
    • Leaky Bottom Valve
    • Damaged Feed Lips
    • Probs Dropped

    The pistol had broken feed lips, but unfortunately we didn't have the parts to repair so we returned it to the supplier. The supplier returned it to us unfixed and with scratches. Bit obvious its been dropped, so you'll find the damage you would expect from that. The mag shows signs of insertion, and since its been sat around for quite some time the bottom valve has become leaky. This could be a quick fix if you've got the parts, and want to re-soak the o-rings in lube.

    • Alloy Base Plate
    • Full Alloy Design
    • For W65U Makarov

    A spare magazine for WE Europe's Makarov W65U pistols. The magazine is constructed entirely from Alloy and features an Alloy base plate, making the magazine durable and more resistant to drops. 

    • 15 Round Capacity
    • EU26/27/33 Advance
    • Unique Grip Base Plate

    A gas blowback magazine designed for the WE Europe EU-Series compact pistol range, and is designed to fit the EU26, EU27, and the EU33 Advance. The magazine is constructed from Alloy, with a Polymer base plate, feed lips and follower, and comes fitted with a unique curved base plate.

    • GBB Pistol Use
    • 16rnd Capacity
    • Metal Construction

    A Green Gas powered magazine designed to be used with WE Europe's TT-33 gas blowback pistol. The magazine is constructed from durable Alloy, with Polymer feed lips and follower.

    • Double Stacked
    • For EX-L PX4 Pistol
    • Gas Blowback Magazine

    A replacement magazine for EX Series PX4 Style WE Airsoft gas blowback pistols.

    • 25rnd Capacity
    • Double Stacked
    • EX-L Pitbull Only

    A green gas pistol magazine that holds 25 rounds. Constructed out of metal with polymer feed lips and base plate. 

    • Full Metal Construction
    • Removable Base Plate
    • 15rnd Capacity

    A gas blowback Airsoft 6mm BB gun magazine designed for the WE Little Bird Pistol collection. A perfect space to increase your trigger time, without stopping to reload.

    • 22rnd Capacity
    • Removable Base Plate
    • Full Metal Construction

    A replacement magazine for the WE Europe Little Bird pistol collection. The magazine is constructed from Alloy, and is finished matte black.

    • For GBB F226
    • 24rnd Capacity
    • Easy To Maintain

    A time with a full alloy outer construction and base this magazine is durable yet lightweight. The feed lips and BB follower are polymer and are replaceable. 

    • Easy To Maintain
    • 24rnd Capacity
    • For GBB F226

    A Spare Gas Blowback Magazine for any generation of the WE F226 range. 

    • 15rnd Single Stack
    • For P-08 Series Pistol
    • Bottom Fill Valve Mag

    A gas blowback magazine designed for use with the WE Europe P08 Luger 6mm Airsoft BB gun. The magazine is constructed fully from Alloy and features a Polymer BB feed guide.

    • Double Stacked
    • For P-Virus P226 GBB
    • Gas Blowback Magazine

    An extended 32 round magazine designed for the WE P-Virus P226 gas blowback pistol. 

    • 17rnd Capacity
    • Polymer Feed Lips
    • Chrome Appearance

    A chrome-effect gas magazine for the WE XDM Compact 3.8, which can hold up to 17 rounds.

    • 24rnd Capacity
    • Full Metal Construction
    • Replacement Magazine

    These magazines are perfect for those who have the 3.8 Hi-Capa pistol, allowing you to have more shots available and allowing you to practice pistol loading drills.

    • 25 Rounds
    • High Compatibility
    • B92 GBB Magazine

    A replacement magazine for most WE B92 models, constructed from Alloy with Polymer feed lips and follower, and a rubber gas router.

    • Great Reliability
    • CO2 Powered Mag
    • 25 Round Magazine

    A CO2 magazine designed for the WE EU-Series pistols, allowing you to make the move from Green Gas to CO2. The magazine is robust and gives excellent power for every shot, built from Alloy the magazine comes with a steel screw in base for extra durability. 

    • Gas Magazine
    • 50rnd Capacity
    • Alloy Construction

    A High Capacity Gas Magazine for WE B92 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols. 

    • For WE/Marui M92
    • Extended Magazine
    • Extra Tough Baseplate

    A replacement gas magazine for an Airsoft Biohazard M92 that will work in standard WE and Marui M92s as well as the Samurai Edge model it is intended for.

    Was £119.99
    Save £30.00
    • Signs of Use
    • Fires Normally
    • Needs a New Slide

    This Airsoft pistol has a broken slide, with the missing piece being included in the box. Unfortunately the snapped piece now means if you knock the fire select into semi a little vigorously you will jam up the pistol. The pistol also shows signs of blue paint so it may be a past Two Tone. If a new slide can be acquired, this should function as normal.

    From £99.99
    • Rear Lanyard Mount
    • Hammer Lock Safety
    • Compact Pistol Design

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol designed by WE Europe based off the 1911 Pistol Design, but in a more Compact form. The Pistol is constructed with an Alloy Frame, Slide, Internals and Magazine and with Polymer Grips.

    From £99.99
    • Gas Blowback
    • Ultra Compact
    • Two Stage Trigger

    An Airsoft 6mm Gas Blowback BB Gun and is designed to be as small and compact as possible. The pistol is constructed with an Alloy Slide and Polymer Frame with Fixed top Iron sights.

    From £99.99
    • Gas Blow Back
    • Adjustable Straps
    • Adjustable Hop-Up

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which comes with a multitude of features which all add together to provide a very ergonomic weapon. The Pistol is constructed with an Alloy Slide and Internals with a Polymer Frame, and rubber Back Grips.

    From £99.99
    • Gas Blowback
    • Compact Gas Pistol
    • Ambidextrous Design

    A stubby Gas Blowback Airsoft pistol based on the Px4 pistol. The pistol features an Alloy slide with a Polymer frame, making the pistol lightweight but have a great kick.

    From £104.99
    • 20mm Rail
    • Single Stack
    • Gas Blowback

    A hard kicking Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm Airsoft Gun, painted in an attractive desert camouflage design. The Slide and Frame of the Pistol are constructed from Alloy, with Polymer Grip Plates.

    Was £129.99
    Save £25.00
    • Slight Signs of Wear
    • Missing a Trigger Sear
    • Needs Some Technical Support

    This shiny 1911 is missing its trigger sear, meaning the hammer is jamming. Supplier refused to fix it so now we are giving one of you luck Airsofters the chance to repair what could be your new sidearm. Slight signs of wear and tear but generally in good nick.

    From £109.99
    • Grip Safety
    • Flared Magwell
    • Highly Customisable

    An excellent performing pistol that can run on both Gas and CO2 WE Europe Capa magazines.

    All the latest and greatest offerings from WE!

    WE Airsoft Europe are a company based in the UK, dedicated to bringing Europe and the rest of the world the very best in Airsoft Weapons, such as Pistols and Rifles, in both Electric and Gas format, as well as Optics, Wearable gear and Parts. With WE Europe's newest addition to their family, their NUPROL range has been bringing out new and innovative products designed to make your Airsoft Kit easier to maintain and more affordable.

    Their main brand for WE Europe supplies Gas Blowback Rifles and Pistols, AEG Rifles, Magazines, Chargers and a range of repair parts, whilst their NUPROL Range provides Protection, Ammo, Helmets, Gas, Batteries, Optics, Spray Paint and Maintenance equipment.