5KU AK Russian Sliding and Folding Buttstock (Gen 2)

Code: 5KU-262
  • Aluminium / Rubber
  • Adjustable Cheek Pad
  • Fits Folding Stock Models

This Folding and Sliding Stock is designed for AK Models that have the Skeleton Triangle Side-Folding Stock as standard, and is constructed to a great standard from Aluminium. It has a Thick Rubber Cheek Rest and Butt Pad, both of which can be adjusted for height, and the whole Stock can be made longer to suit all shapes and sizes of user.

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The 5KU AK Russian Side Folding Buttstock (Gen 2) is designed for AK models that feature the standard Side-Folding Triangle Skeleton Stock, and will completely replace the back of the Rifle with a much more comfortable and ergonomic design. The Stock connects to the back of the Receiver via a single pin; if your AK matches this then it should fit.

The Stock features an Adjustable Rubber Cheek Pad which can be raised/lowered by loosening the Screws (by hand) that hold it in place and manually moving it. The Stock also offers a comfortable Rubber Butt Pad which will provide grip in the shoulder, and can be adjusted for height to suit the user by loosening then Allen Screw. A large Sling Loop can be found on the Stock to retain or enhance and Sling Setup you may currently be running. The Stock also has a Sliding feature, allowing it to be set to one of many positions, setting the correct length for a specific user. To adjust the length of the Stock, raise the grey flap that is secured by a magnet and press directly down on the middle of this assembly to release the Sliding mechanism.

A wider Butt Pad is included in the box, should the standard one be too thin and uncomfortable for you. If you own an AK replica with a Triangle Side-Folding Stock and you want something a bit more tactical and comfortable, then the 5KU AK Russian Side Folding Buttstock is ideal for you.


  • AK Folding Stock
  • Replaces Triangle Stock
  • Thick Rubber Cheek Pad
  • Adjustable Cheek Riser Height
  • Thick Rubber Butt Pad
  • Retains Folding Function
  • Large Sling Loop
  • Tactical Design
  • Improves Ergonomics
  • Very Comfortable Stock
  • Add Personal Touch to Your AK
  • Wider Butt Pad Included
  • Adjustable Length
  • Adjustable Butt Pad Height
  • Length: 20cm - 31cm

Package Includes

  • 5KU AK Russian Side Folding Buttstock
  • Wider Butt Pad



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Approx. 20cm
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Approx. 0.424kg

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