5KU PBS-1 Spitfire Tracer Unit

  • Classic PBS-1 AK suppressor
  • Available in short or regular length
  • 24mm CW thread with 14mm CCW adapter

If you are an AK rifle fan you may be feeling left out with all the modern, westernised spitfire tracer units entering the market right now, but 5KU are here to get you into the muzzle flash game! The 5KU PBS-1 Spitfire Tracer Unit is styled after the Soviet-era PBS-1 AK suppressor and includes apparatus to mount the unit on either 24mm AK threads or more common 14mm CCW male threads found on almost all Airsoft rifles. If you are after a more stealthy look for your AK, with the added benefit of being able to use tracer BBs and dazzle the enemy with an ultra-bright muzzle flash effect, the 5KU PBS-1 Spitfire Tracer Unit is what you need!

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The PBS-1 Spitfire tracer unit takes the impressive performance and compact design of the original spitfire tracer unit and repackages it in a classic Soviet suppressor design, making it perfect for AK Airsoft rifles. This unit is available in both the original full-length PBS-1 and the shortened compact variant, making it great for all lengths of AK rifle. This tracer unit has an alloy shell with a steel locking collar latch and houses the tracer internals inside a clear polymer shell to enhance the muzzle flash effect without needing ports at the front of the suppressor. 

With each shot, the tracer unit will activate and charge your tracer BBs with light as they pass through the unit, sending them streaking onto the target with a visible flight path, assisting the shooter in landing hits and making suppressive fire that bit more effective. Anyone who has been under fire from a tracer unit equipped Airsoft gun knows too well how much more scary glowing BBs are!

The muzzle flash effect of this unit activates with every shot, regardless of whether you are using tracer BBs or not, and lights up the room with a realistically dazzling muzzle flash. This is a superb enhancement for a more realistic experience and is even more impressive on a GBB pistol or rifle due to the combined effect of the gas cloud from firing with the muzzle flash from the PBS-1 Spitfire tracer unit. If you like to sneak from time to time there is no need to remove this unit from your gun, the tracer can be turned off by removing the polymer tracer insert from the suppressor body and pressing the button on the rear. This can be done by holding the steel locking collar latch down (found between the wide collar at the rear and the suppressor body) and unscrewing the collar clockwise, after which the rear of the suppressor will come off, and the internal tracer module will be free to slide out of the suppressor body. 

The PBS-1 tracer unit comes with 24mm CW AK style threads, and a steel adapter for 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrels, so regardless of your barrel threads you should have no issues mounting this suppressor. For the Spetznaz in Afghan look, add this to an AKMS or AKM, or for a US civilian tactical look you can add it to any modernised AK variant for a sleek and uniquely Russian suppressed look. This unit is powered by an internal rechargeable battery which can be charged using the included Micro-USB charger cable through the charging port on the rear of the tracer module. 


  • Alloy construction
  • Steel locking collar latch
  • Steel 14mm CCW thread adapter
  • 24mm CW AK threads
  • 7.62x39 PBS-1 style suppressor
  • Muzzle flash effect - Looks cool, very realistic
  • Lights up tracer BBs (really bright with green tracers!)
  • Internal rechargeable battery - Micro USB cable included

Package Includes

  • 5KU PBS-1 Spitfire Tracer Unit
  • 14mm CCW thread adapter 
  • Micro USB charger cable

Special Instructions

Due to the design of this 5KU tracer unit, there is potential that the internal tracer module can be damaged by BB impacts if your HOP-up is over-adjusted. If the inner barrel in your AEG is shorter than the outer barrel, this problem can be amplified. We recommend dialling down your HOP-up when initially testing the tracer unit and being cautious when applying mid-game adjustments. 

Any damage to the unit as a result of BB impacts, whether it is from incoming fire or the above scenario is not covered by your warranty and is considered "user error". 



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Regular, Mini,
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Thread Adaptor
USB Cable


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Alloy suppressor body with steel locking collar latch and steel thread adapter.

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Approx. 6cm
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Approx. 20.7cm, Approx. 15.7cm,
Product Width
Approx. 6cm
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Approx. 0.52kg, Approx. 0.438kg,

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Internal Rechargeable

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CCW (Counter Clockwise)
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Outer Barrel Thread Type

Suppressor Internals

Foam Filled
Barrel Extension

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Tracer Unit