MADBULL Python Ver.II 650mm 6.03 Upgrade Tightbore Barrel

Code: MP-BP650A
  • 6.03mm x 650mm
  • Upgrade AEG Barrel
  • Increase Performance

An upgrade Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Barrel which is compatible with Airsoft AEG Barrel Compatible Hop-Up units. The barrel is constructed from Alloy, then Hard Coated via an Anodising Process. 

Full description


Widely accepted as one of the best tightbore barrels on the market these barrels will increase the overall performance of Airsoft Weapons once installed. Each barrel is produced by MADBULL via their own process, after molding the Barrel it is then cleared for imperfections using Gearing Hobs and then Hard Coated to provide the Smoothest Inner Surface possible. Each Barrel is factory tested, first checking for inner diameter and then for bends by being rolled on a flat surface. Before dispatching from the factory the Barrels are then placed in plastic tubing to prevent bending or scratching of the barrel. This barrel is a must have purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher looking to upgrade their weapon, or for any Airsoft Tech who is looking for a brand of barrel which simply just works out of the tube.


  • Part of the MADBULL Python 2nd Generation Version 2 6.03 Tightbore Barrel Range
  • Compatible with M4 Suppressed / M16 / SR25 and other AEG with 650363mm Barrels
  • Increase Performance with a Tighter Bore Barrel over standard 6.05mm / 6.08mm Airsoft Barrel
  • Hard Coated to provide a Smooth Inner Surface
  • Constructed from Aluminium then Smoothed with Gear Hobs
  • Once Cut and Shaped the Barrel is Hard Coated using an Anodising Process
  • Each Barrel is Factory Tested for Dimensions and Straightness
  • Packaged in Plastic Tube to prevent Scratching and Bending

Package Includes:

  • Python Ver.II 650mm 6.03 Upgrade Tightbore Barrel

Special Instructions:

Please note that installing a Tightbore Barrel with a lower diameter than your current barrel can increase the FPS of your weapon. If you have an Airsoft gun which is close to the limit of your local Game Site caution is advised. Should you need help with fitting your brand new Airsoft Barrel please feel free to call our in-house Workshop team on: 01484 644 709



Parts & Accessories Type
Inner Barrel
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Product Length
Approx. 65cm
Product Height
Approx. 0.603cm
Product Width
Approx. 0.603cm

Barrel Specific

Barrel Compatibility
Standard AEG
Recommended Guns
  • M4
  • SR-25
Inner Barrel Diameter
Inner Barrel Length
Inner Barrel Construction