8Fields Tactical Hydration Pack w/ Bladder

8Fields Tactical
Code: M51612072-TAN
  • 1.5L Storage
  • Easy To Wash
  • Highly Adjustable Strapping

Tried and tested by our staff not just for Airsoft use but for hiking too, these pouches are incredibly lightweight whilst offering some back support during use.

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The bladder can be removed easily enough for cleaning from the highly adjustable backpack. Very comfortable to wear, this is an ideal hydration system for any Airsofter or Hiker who is looking for a bladder on a budget. The pack has several loops that can be zip-tied or MOLE looped onto the back of Airsoft body armour or RIG. The bladder and drinking hose functions just like any other system with a pull/push lock drinking nozzle. You may have to pierce the actual drinking rubber tip upon delivery and opening of this item, do this with a sharp knife but be careful as you only need a small hole to drink from.


  • 6 buckle loop back points to secure the bladder/backpack to a MOLLE vest / body armour without the use of shoulder straps
  • Large drag/pull handle with double stitching on the back face and at the top
  • 1x ventilation/drain hole at the bottom to let out any over spill and dirt
  • Bladder can be removed easily for cleaning
  • The rear has a large open pouch for storing flat items such as maps and other documents
  • 2x adjustable shoulder straps
  • 1x adjustable chest strap
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable from 53cm to 91cm
  • Chest strap is adjustable from size 0 up to 60cm
  • 100cm long hose which screws into the bladder with a large o-ring seal
  • 5cm long drinking nozzle and locking system
  • Orange o-ring sealed filling screw cap, do not over tighten, just turn the bladder upside down to ensure no leaks and nip up the cap if needed
  • Mesh lined backing with a thin layer of foam padding
  • Bladder is accessible through a Velcro flap which is very strong
  • No nasty taste of plastic in your mouth from first use
  • Use your front teeth to pinch on the rubber drinking nozzle to allow flow of liquid
  • Ensure you pull on the hard plastic locking to allow flow of liquid and not the rubber tip
  • The rubber drinking tip is removable to allow for a proper cleaning 
  • Hydration hosing is sleeved for added protection and insulation

Package Includes:

  • Tactical Hydration Pack w/ Bladder
  • 2L Bladder



Tactical Equipment Type
Hydration System
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Olive Green
Multicam Colour Icon
Patrol Base | Icon Colour ACU
UCP ACU Universal Camouflage Pattern
Patrol Base | Camouflage Pattern | Flecktarn
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.6kg
Material Icon
Nylon, Polyurethane,

Bag Specific

Hydration Bladder
MOLLE Compatible
Strap Style
Dual Strap
Grab Handle
Sternum Strap
Plate Carrier Attachable

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