8Fields Tactical Patrol Chest Rig

8Fields Tactical
  • Buckle-up compatible
  • Compact, low profile rig
  • Room for 6 M4 mags, 4 Pistol mags

Whether you are a sniper, stalking the woodlands, or you prefer to bomb it around a CQB sight in your Dye mask, a compact chest rig is a must have to increase your mobility on the field. The Patrol Chest Rig from 8 Fields Tactical provides a lightweight, compact rig which can be worn with its included shoulder harness or attached to a buckle-up plate carrier, providing room for up to 6 M4/AR15 magazines and 4 pistol magazines!

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The Patrol Chest Rig is constructed from 1000D Polyester, providing the prerequisite strength needed to survive the rigors of an Airsoft skirmish. The rig has a large range of adjustment, and its straps can be lengthened or tightened down to suit almost any body type, and even has enough adjustment to be worn over a low profile body armour. This rig is buckle-up compatible, meaning it can be used as a stand alone rig, and can also be disconnected and attached to any buckle-up compatible plate carrier. There may be slight differences in buckle spec between brands, so we recommend sticking with 8 Fields if you are using this as a starting point for a modular gear setup. The front panel has a covered velcro panel on the rear facilitating buckle-up compatibility.

The Patrol Chest Rig provides 6 M4/AR15 magazine pouches, with a single row of 4 open-topped pouches at the rear, and two standard pouches on the front. The open-topped pouches have bungee cord loops to retain the magazines during dynamic movements. This means you have 4 magazines ready for fast access, and two additional pouches for either more mags or speed loaders, leaving you well equipped for an intense firefight. At the centre of the front panel, there are two pistol magazine pouches, with an additional two at either flank. This rig easily provides enough carrying capacity for most Airsoft skirmishes, perhaps even with some surplus room for those who use high-capacity magazines!

The harness of the Patrol Chest Rig comes in the form of a slim waist belt which attaches to the rig via buckles, and provides a wide range of adjustment with a velcro loop to retain the surplus strap length, and an H style shoulder harness with loops for concealing hydration tubes and comms wiring on the front, and a velcro panel for a name tape on the rear. At the front of the H shoulder harness, there are also two D rings, one on either shoulder, which can be used to attach a single point sling directly to the rig itself but can also be used to attach good luck charms and carabiners.

So, Speedsofters, Snipers, and all in between, if you are looking for a compact chest rig to give you the edge in mobility, without compromising on load-baring capability, all whilst being buckle-up compatible, the Patrol Chest Rig by 8 Fields Tactical fits the role perfectly!


  • Buckle-up compatible (likely 8 Fields only)
  • 6 M4/AR15 magazine pouches
  • 4 pistol magazine pouches
  • Velcro backed
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Elastic to retain magazines
  • 1000D Polyester construction
  • Treated for waterproofing

Package Includes

  • 8 Fields Tactical Patrol Chest Rig



Tactical Equipment Type
Tactical Vest
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.546kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Multicam Colour Icon
Coyote Tan
Olive Drab
Patrol Base | Multicam Black
Multicam Black
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Multicam Tropic
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1000D Polyester with Polymer Buckles
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  • Polymer
  • 1000D Polyester

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