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  • In-Built Compass
  • Paracord Lanyard
  • Full Plastic Design

A small, easy to use and functional emergency whistle.

  • Polymer Construction
  • Suits High Speed Builds
  • Friction Fitting & Locking

A set of ASG Ultimate sector gear delay clips, 6 per pack designed to slow your tappet plate a little to decrease the chance of double feeding. 

  • Compact Kit
  • Spare Buttons
  • Thread and Needles

A compact sewing kit with a range of needle sizes, spare buttons, compact scissors and several coloured threads.

  • 1450mAh
  • Stick Battery
  • 11.1v 3S LiPo

High quality WE 11.1v 1450mAh 30C LiPo Stick Battery, provides great battery life and fits most battery compartments. The 30C rating means the battery discharges quicker to give a higher rate of fire and better trigger response.

  • Easy To Operate
  • Fits Any Picatinny Rail
  • Full Elevation & Windage Controls

The Swiss Arms micro laser sight is a perfect accessory for any airsoft pistol or rifle with a Picatinny rail. 

  • For High-Speed Setups
  • Prevents 'Empty Shooting'
  • Mounted On The Sector Gear

ASG - Alloy Gear Sector Clips x6 Pack are used to prevent 'Empty Shooting'.

  • Unique Fitting
  • Springs Included
  • Steel Construction

Broke or lost your old trigger whilst carrying out an upgrade or service? We have spares for a range of Airsoft AEGs.

  • Unique Fitting
  • Springs Included
  • Steel Construction

Broke or lost your old trigger whilst carrying out an upgrade or service? We have spares for a range of Airsoft AEGs.

  • Gas Knocker Valve
  • For KWA KRISS Vector
  • Great Spares / Repairs

Designed as a spares or replacement for anyone with a leaky top gas KRISS Vector magazine. This is a standard part, it is not an upgrade. 

  • Security Chain
  • UTP Style Camo
  • Durable and Lightweight

A handy and durable pocket sized Wallet, allowing you to keep your Keys, Money, and other valuables on you at all times. The pouch is constructed from string Denier Water Resistant Cordua materials, making the wallet both Lightweight and Water Resistant. 

  • 20mm RIS 
  • Four Point Rail
  • 7'' Hand Guard

A Free Floating Four Point RIS Rail designed for AR15/M4/16 Airsoft AEGs, featuring 4 full length 20mm RIS rails for mounting weapon accessories.

  • Green Gas Powered
  • 22rnd Magazine
  • For KC-02 Rifle

A spare gas magazine for the KC-02 Special Teams Carbine created by ASG. The magazine is constructed from Alloy and features Polymer feed Lips and Guide. 

  • CR2016
  • 3V Lithium
  • Button Battery

A singular CR2016 3V Lithium button battery which is commonly used for accessories such as sights and torches/lasers.

  • Red Light Filter
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Elastic Headband

A lightweight head mounted torch which has a white coloured beam, with a red sliding filter allowing you to read maps and other items in harder to spot light.

From £219.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgradeable
  • Incredible Build Quality

Supplied with a functional Airsoft suppressor, the G-Spec is the tactical and stealthy version of Marui’s excellent VSR-10 spring bolt action Airsoft sniper rifle.

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • Perfect Air Seal
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for AEG G3 platform weapons.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Canvas Material
  • 58 Pattern Webbing Compatible

The 58 Pattern Belt is heavy duty, canvas constructed belt, featuring multiple mounting points for 58 Pattern Webbing pouches and equipment.

  • Lightweight
  • Ambidextrous
  • Belt Paddle System

    A Double Magazine Retention Pouch designed for WE Europe Airsoft B92 Standard Sized Magazines, designed to allow the user to gain access to their Magazine and draw them as quick as possible, allowing for a quicker reload, making them more effective in the field. 

    Was £49.99
    Save £5.00
    • Full Metal STANAG
    • 35 Round Low Cap
    • Works With ZET System

    A spare magazine designed for the M4A1 MWS ZET Gas Blowback Rifle. Made to the high standards associated with Tokyo Marui this magazine is a full metal STANAG magazine. 

    • Convert To Silent Fill
    • High Quality O-Rings
    • For TM 1911/MEU Style Magazine

    A handy kit for replacing the O-rings on a variety of TM 1911 and MEU style pistol mags. The kit allows you to replace all your old and worn out O-rings, giving your magazine new lease of life! 

    From £142.95
    • Gas Blowback
    • Fully Automatic
    • 31rnd Magazine

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol, based on the Hi-Capa series, which comes with a subtle difference, it's Fully Automatic. The pistol features a silver polymer slide, alloy frame and black polymer grips.

    • Polished Finish
    • High Speed Use
    • Fits Many Gearboxes

    ASG Ultimate 7mm bearings designed to replace and upgrade stock plastic or worn metal bushings or bearings inside your Airsoft AEG.

    • First Aid Kit
    • Basic Kit Included
    • MOLLE Compatible

    Providing quick access to basic First Aid supplies, and is attachable to MOLLE Rigs, Pouches and Backpacks. The pouch is constructed from 600D Cordua, and features two Rear Securing Straps for MOLLE panels. 

    • External Layer
    • Zipped Pockets
    • Waterproof Trousers

    A pair of waterproof trousers, designed to fit over regular trousers to keep you warm and dry even during rainy and snowy conditions. 

    • No Rattle
    • Spring Feeding
    • Low Capacity Magazine

    A Low Capacity Magazine designed for M14 AEG, where the player wants a magazine with a more realistic capacity. The Magazine is constructed from Alloy, with Polymer internals. 

    From £189.99
    • Spring Bolt Action
    • Limitless Upgrade Potential
    • Incredible Marui Build Quality

    The ultimate Airsoft sniper rifle! Although they are lowered out of the box compared to other Airsoft sniper rifles on the market, these are incredibly accurate, deliver great range for such low FPS and are very quiet. 

    • O-Ring Fitted
    • Perfect Air Seal
    • Heavy Duty Polymer

    An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for AEG SIG series rifles with a total length of 22.24mm.

    • Wrist Mounted Case
    • Fold out Map Pocket
    • Three Internal Pocket

    A one size fits all wrist mounted map case which can be worn either directly on the arm, or on top of jackets and tops. The pouch is constructed from 600 Denier Cordua, and features three internal transparent windows for holding maps and other important documentation. 

    • Steel Construction
    • Safety Block Included
    • Return Spring Included

    Broke or lost your old trigger whilst carrying out an upgrade or service? We have you covered. 

    • Silver Wiring
    • Replacement Kit
    • Upgrade EFCS Board

    A replacement or upgrade circuit board for the ARES Amoeba EFCS gearbox system.