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  • Bottom Storage
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Lightweight Design

A Vertical Foregrip designed to be attached onto the Front Handguard of Rifles and Submachine Guns to give the user a more stable grip on the weapon. 

  • Ergonomic Design
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS Rails
  • Officially licensed CQR Grip

Constructed by HERA Arms themselves, this foregrip is part of the CQR rifle system but comes as a stand-alone unit and can be attached as an aftermarket part to any rifle with a lower 20mm RIS / RAS Rail. If you just want the ergonomics of the foregrip, but not the stock, then this is for you.

From £349.99
  • Officially Released!
  • SSS Gearbox System
  • Officially licensed CQR Replica

If you're looking for a weapon which doesn't just look unique you've found it. Built in partnership between ActionSportGames, ICS and HERA ARMS this rifle is an Airsoft gun like no other. Based on the AR15 Mil-spec variant of the HERA ARMS CQR this rifle uses ICS's brand new SSS AEG Gearbox design and is officially licensed and fully trademarked.

  • Fits Nextgen Rifles
  • 6 Position Alloy Tube
  • Gera Arms CPE Compatible

A replacement stock tube for anyone building a next gen rifle of looking to pimp out their HERA Arms CPE or Next-Gen rifle.