A&K AK74u Lower Railed Handguard

Code: BD9261
  • Railed Bottom & Sides
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Modern Adapative Design

A replacement handguard for Airsoft AK74u AEGs, this tactical handguard features standard 20mm RIS rails, allowing you to install all manner of tactical accessories onto your AK74u AEG. 

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Bring a bit of modern age styling and practicality to your trusty old AK74u with this one piece aluminium railed handguard. Suitable for those who are looking to attach any combination of weapon tactical accessories onto their AK74u, thanks to the 20mm RIS rails you cann mount flashlights, lasers or even compact Airsoft grenade launchers to the front of their AK, giving you that tactical edge over the opposition and the ability to dominate the field. Whether you're Airsofting in the great outdoors or in gritty close quarters urban CQB environments, this railed handguard is an excellent addition to your AK74u. Even if you attach nothing to the rails, this makes a very aesthetically pleasing upgrade and sets you apart from all the other, traditional AK owners out there.


  • One piece Aluminium
  • Side and bottom rail for 20mm attachable accessories
  • Skeleton look to see your outer barrel

Package Includes:

  • AK74u Lower Railed Handguard 

Special Instructions:

This rail may need some light filing in places to fit between different branded Airsoft AK rifles. Please note that as soon as you do this you will void all return rights.



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20mm RIS / RAS
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