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  • Easy To Remove
  • 10 Meters In Length
  • For Covering Weapon

A great low cost tape used to wrap rifles, accessories and other objects. You can either leave this as a base colour to then add other camo material on top or foliage. 

  • Reusable / Applyable
  • 4.5m Stretched Length
  • Stick To Nearly Anything

Self-clinging camo wrap for all hunting equipment. Also known as stealth tape you can camo up your guns and gear in seconds with no left over residue and can be re-used!

  • Easy to Remove
  • High Strength Tape
  • Adhesive Fabric Material

A high strength, heavy duty, fabric wrap designed to be wrapped around weapons either as a Concealment Aid, for Weapon Protection or user Comfort.

  • Easy to Cut
  • 10m Length
  • Easily Removed

This Camouflage Tape Roll has a total length of 10m, and is a super simple way to get your Airsoft Gun, Air Rifle or other Hunting Equipment concealed without having to use a permanent method such as Spray Paint. Simply wrap the Tape around your kit and off you go. This makes for an excellent base layer for Spray Painting, and is easily removed when not required any more.

  • Keeps You Hidden
  • Perfect For Snipers
  • Add Shadow to Camo

A Cotton constructed Concealment Veil for Airsoft Snipers, which is placed over the head to add shadows, texture and depth to your visible profile, and to keep you hidden from enemy sight.

  • Detachable hood
  • Quick-release waist strap
  • Quick-release chest straps

An excellent addition to any sniper's arsenal, providing additional camouflage to keep you hidden during game-play.