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  • Replacement original parts
  • For CYMA CM.098 SR-25 AEG
  • Fix up your old AEG!

If your selector switch is damaged or you lost a bit during maintenance this set can be a lifesaver! The CYMA Ambidextrous Fire Selector Gears for CM.098 is a replacement original part set for the CM.098 series of SR-25 AEGs and includes the internal selector gears and axis for the CM.098 ambidextrous selector switches. 

  • Alloy construction
  • Compatible with CM.033 and CM.051
  • Replacement selector set for Thompson AEG

If you've lost a selector switch for your Thompson AEG, or even both, CYMA have you covered! The Selectors Set for CM.033/051 are packaged as a pair and are compatible with CYMA's Thompson AEGs, both the M1A1 and M1928 Chicago Typewriter variants. The selectors are constructed from alloy and finished in matt black.

  • Alloy construction
  • Replacement original part
  • For CYMA CM.098 series SR25 AEGs

If you've lost an SR25 selector switch, this should be helpful! The CYMA Selector Switch Set for CM.098 SR25 AEGs is a replacement original parts set for the CM.098 SR25 series and includes the left and right side selector switches, mounting screws, springs and ball bearings for that lovely "click" between modes. 

The switches themselves are constructed from alloy and match the KAC-style selectors found on the CM.098 series, including the scallop on the right side selector and the undercut on the left side selector to allow for full auto fire. Selector switches are always going missing, but with this set handy, your CM.098 won't miss a beat even if the worst happens!