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  • SIG SG 55x Series Weapon
  • GHK Precision Quality
  • Gas Blowback Rifle

Built by GHK this weapon is a gas blow back recreation of the SIG SG 553, a member of the SIG SG family, this rifle is of the highest quality, looking highly realistic and providing crisp recoil and kick thanks to the gas blow-back system.

From £549.99
  • Pre-Fitted Wood Parts
  • Large Battery Storage
  • Faithful Airsoft Replica

A 6mm BB Airsoft faithful replica of the British L1A1 SLR, an ideal purchase for Cold War re-enactors or simply those with an interest in history.

From £559.00
  • Ideal DMR
  • Military Variant
  • Lightweight Design

    A 6mm Airsoft Electric replica of the venerable G3 A3 Battle Rifle crafted in Germany by the boys and girls at H&K, and is seen in use by Police, Military and Special Units the world over from Mexico to Somalia.

    From £139.99
    • Front Bayonet Lug
    • Great For Beginers
    • Large Battery Storage

      Airsoft 6mm BB Gun built by CYMA in China to replicate the American M14 Rifle. The weapon features full Alloy Internals, Receiver and Barrel, with a Polymer Stock and Heat Shield.

      From £149.99
      • Electric Gearbox
      • Large Rear Battery Storage
      • Incredibly Realistic Faux Wood

      Perfect for Airsofters with an interest in the early era of the Vietnam War, this is a perfectly performing Airsoft electric gun replica of the original M14, complete with a faux-wood stock. 

      From £158.99
      • Faux Wood Body
      • Semi-Auto Locked
      • Rail Mounting Points

      A semi-automatic AEG built and created by G&G as a replica of the famous US M14 Rifle, complete with an incredibly realistic looking faux-wood replica of the original 1950's era stock. 

      From £226.95
      • Polymer Stock
      • Semi-Auto Locked
      • Rail Mounting Points

      A high quality electric powered semi-automatic Airsoft gun built and created by G&G as a replica of the famous US M14 Rifle, locked to semi-automatic making this an ideal basis for a DMR build.

      From £226.95
      • Faithful Replica 
      • Alloy body construction
      • Includes two magazines

      An Electric Airsoft Gun replica of the bullpup L85A2 assault rifle, which authentically captures the unforgettable aesthetics and ergonomics of the real L85, and is a must have for Collectors and any Airsofter wanting a replica of the standard issue weapon of the British Armed Forces. 

      From £294.99
      • Fully Licensed Design
      • Folding Stock System
      • Quick Change Spring

      Designed by ASG, based on the CZ 805 Assault Rifle which is fully licensed by Česká Zbrojovka Firearms, which was created in 2006 to replace the Sa vz. 58

      From £299.00

      Based on the AK5
      Removable Panels
      Ambidextrous Design

      An electric powered 6mm BB Airsoft AEG gun, based on the AK5 which was used by the Swedish Forces from 1986 to present, and was chambered for 5.56 NATO Rounds.

      From £329.95
      • Alloy Construction
      • Light Support Variant
      • Folding Bipod And Rear Brace

      Bring a little additional firepower onto the skirmish field in a weapon platform that’s scarcely bigger than a standard assault rifle! This is a highly accurate and authentic Airsoft replica of the L86A2 Light Support Weapon, the long-barrelled brother of the L85.

      From £339.99
      • High rate of fire setup
      • Adjustable front rails
      • Modular Handguard

      WE's take on the Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) created in the United States. The Airsoft weapon itself has a polymer lower reciever and stock, with an alloy upper and hand guard. 

      From £339.99
      • Folding Stock
      • Alloy Receiver
      • Ambidextrous Controls

      A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun replica of the iconic, SIG SG 552 Commando. Released to the world in 1998, the real SG 552 Commando is the shorter brother of the SG 550, measuring in at just under 74cm, it was designed for users where a Compact Carbine would be more practical than an assault rifle.

      From £339.99
      • Semi Auto AEG
      • Realistic Replica
      • Real Wood Body

      One of G&G's latest offerings fitted with all their best components and design features, this is an incredibly realistic Airsoft electric gun replica of the legendary 'war winning' semi-automatic M1 Garand rifle, that served with US forces from 1937 to well into the 1950s.

      From £368.95
      • Integrated Bipod
      • Alloy & Faux Wood
      • Replica Japanese Rifle

      A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun, based on the unique Japanese Type 64 battle rifle as manufactured by Howa, and used by the Japanese Defence Force from the 1960s until the 1990s. 

      From £489.99
      • Recoil Shock System
      • Stops Firing when Empty
      • High Quality Build

      an Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which is part of Marui's Recoil Shock AEG System Range, where when fired will give recoil to simulate the firing of a weapon. The weapon is designed and based on the FN SCAR MK 17 MOD 0, and is built in Japan to the highest standards.

      From £499.99
      • Ambidextrous Design
      • Integrated Swivel Bi-Pod
      • Long Handguard

      An Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Powered AEG Gun, designed and based off the SIG 550, and was used by the Swiss Armed Forces. 

      From £114.99
      RRP £149.99
      Save £35.00
      • Compact SMG Sized G3
      • G3A4 Style Sliding Stock
      • Lightweight Polymer Design

      A 6mm Airsoft BB replica of the classic G3 battle rifle, recreated in a compact sized tactical carbine. Loosely inspired by the MC51 'machine carbine' developed for UK Special Forces in the 1980s, the T3 SAS has taken the traditional G3 and cut it down into a CQB friendly AEG.

      From £149.99
      • Stamped Steel
      • Electric Blowback
      • Weighs In At 3.4kg

      An electric blowback L85A1 Airsoft replica, authentically produced from stamped Steel and Polymer to a total weight of 3.4kg! 

      From £149.99
      • Sportline Version
      • High Density Polymer
      • Accepts STANAG Mags

      A sportline AEG version of the CTAR-21 (Tavor) in a lightweight, high density Polymer stock with a quick change system. Accepting STANAG M4 magazines, this is a great weapon to be different whilst still letting you swap magazines between your mates.

      From £169.99
      • Polymer Construction
      • Bullpup Design
      • Lightweight

      an Airsoft AEG based on the Tavor 21, a bullpup weapon used by Israeli armed forces. Built from Polymer this Airsoft gun is lightweight and durable, with the ability to shoot single and fully automatic.

      From £209.99
      • Semi-Auto Locked
      • Grip Textured Stock
      • Shortened Outer Barrel

      An electric powered Airsoft replica of the United States' M14 battle rifle, featuring modernised externals and a compact barrel, accurately recreated in Airsoft form by G&G, in this semi-automatic only AEG. 

      From £226.95
      • Folding Stock
      • Full Length Rail
      • Ambidextrous Fire Select

      A faithful Airsoft 6mm replica of the IMI GALIL which has been used since 1972, and comes with a standard Hand Guard. 

      From £246.99
      • 20mm RIS Sight Rail
      • Integrated Iron Sights
      • Lightweight Polymer Construction

       For a Rifle that's barely 20 years old, the TAR 21 has gone through a lot of variants, and S&T have decided to release a replica of the latest model of the futuristic bullpup assault rifle. S&T have accurately replicated all of the TAR-21's design features, both aesthetically and ergonomically.

      From £249.99
      • Side Folding Stock 
      • Real Wood Furniture
      • Realistic 15 Round Magazine

      Authentically constructed from real wood and alloy, this Co2 powered Airsoft gun is an incredibly realistic replica of the WW2-era M1A1 Carbine, recognisable from its skeletal side folding stock. 

      From £299.99
      • Replica Original M14
      • TM Compatible Gearbox
      • Genuine Real Wood Stock

        A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun replica of the original M14 Battle Rifle, as used by the United States throughout the 1950s and in the Vietnam war.

        From £313.95
        • Futuristic Design
        • KeyMod Compatible
        • Integrated Weapon Light

        A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun replica of the Tavor TAR 21 Assault Rifle that's perfect for CQB, complete with a KeyMod handguard and a functioning inbuilt flashlight. 

        From £319.99
        • Alloy Receiver
        • Real Wood Stock
        • Perfect For Reenactment

        A 6mm BB Airsoft replica of the "greatest battle implement ever designed", the War winning M1 Garand, that's perfect for Airsofters, re-enactors and history enthusiasts. 

        From £319.99
        • Perfect CQB arena gun
        • Fully ambidextrous AEG
        • ABS Polymer Magpul Quality

          Designed specifically for use in tight and cramped environments, MAGPUL's all polymer PDR-C bullpup is the ultimate compact carbine for use in close quarter Airsoft battles. 

          From £329.99
          RRP £339.99
          Save £10.00
          • Gas Blowback Rifle
          • Gas Efficient Design
          • Adjustable Folding Stock

          A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun based on the 3rd Generation FN SCAR-H, which is designed as a Battle Rifle for United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and fire 7.62mm NATO Rounds. 

          From £339.99