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  • Magazines Couple Up
  • Ambidextrous Selector
  • Complete Polymer Outer
From £119.99
  • Folding Stock
  • Railed Handguard
  • Great CQB/Woodland Gun
From £119.99
  • AR Buffer Tube
  • Accepts M4 Mags
  • Threaded Outer Barrel
From £129.99
  • G36K Style Replica
  • Battery & Charger Inc.
  • 20mm Railed Receiver
From £139.99
  • Extended Handguard
  • Locking Folding Stock
  • Railed Front Hand Guard
From £159.99
  • Unique KeyMod Handguard
  • Electric Blowback AEG
  • Quick Change Spring
From £179.99
  • Folding Stock
  • High Quality Polymer
  • G&G Advanced Range
From £249.99
  • Side Folding Stock
  • Railed Carry Handle
  • Compact Airsoft Gun
From £109.99
  • Long Handguard
  • Railed Carry Handle
  • Full Polymer Externals
From £119.99
  • Folding Stock
  • Railed Hand Guard
  • Submerged Suppressor
From £159.99
  • Integrated Sight
  • Railed Handguard
  • Folding/Sliding Stock
From £169.99
  • Railed Handguard
  • Scope & Bipod Inc.
  • 14mm CCW Thread
From £199.99
  • EFCS Controlled
  • Electric Blowback
  • Two Round Burst
From £249.99
  • Inbuilt Optic
  • High Quality TM
  • Recoil Shock EBB
From £445.00

High Quality Airsoft Replicas based on the Iconic H&K G36 Rifles

If you are looking for an SAS or SWAT Airsoft weapon then the G36 range could be one for you to consider! G36 Airsoft rifles are surprisingly customisable, take the Classic Army G36C add a suppressor, Eotech and PEQ to produce the ultimate CQB weapon, being lightweight but easy to manoeuvre. Often hailed as the perfect starter weapon you'll probably have seen the G36 as a rental gun on a lot of Airsoft Skirmish sites, famed for their reliability, most Airsoft players will have probably played with one and some time during their Airsoft career.

An incredibly iconic weapon used by Military and Police forces around the world the G36 is a well recognised rifle for its futuristic looks and unique design. Ever wanted to own one? Well now you can. All our Airsoft replicas are of the highest quality, and are hand picked as the best and reliable available on the market today.

With plenty of customisation options available you can really make the rifle your own by adding Scopes, Torches, Lasers, Foregrips and much much more.

Looking for a specific brand? Check out the filters at the Top Left of any product page to narrow down your results.

Here at Patrol Base Airsoft stock a range of G36 type replica from some of the most well known brands, such as: ARES, CYMA, G&G, Specna Arms and Tokyo Marui. All our rifles are available both online as well as in our brick and mortar shop so you can come get some hands on time with your rifle before you buy!

Fancy making a day trip to one of the largest Airsoft Retailers in the UK? We're just a short trip away from the M62 in Huddersfield, between Manchester, Wakefield and Leeds.

Want to learn more? You can find out more about our brick and mortar store though our About Us Page.

Came here looking for cheap BB guns? Don't be disappointed, it just means you're ready to ditch all those old-school BB guns and get something which will put a huge smile on your face. Airsoft replicas are not only more realistic, but fire further and perform better, with options for semi-automatic and full automatic rather unlike your traditional springer!

Airsoft G36 are typically powered by either Gas or Electric, with some even featuring recoil for a more realistic experience!

Want to know exactly why Airsoft Replica are so much better than BB Guns? Check out our BB Guns Page.