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  • CNC Machined
  • Stubby Foregrip
  • 6061 Aluminium

This stubby Foregrip is constructed using CNC Machined 6061 Aluminium for a superior finish, and is designed to provide a stable aiming position whilst also remaining compact and reduce snagging on your own equipment. It has an integrated 20mm Rail attachment and will easily fit to RIS/RAS Rail Systems. There is also a secret storage compartment inside the grip, accessed by unscrewing the base. If you're looking for a Russian style Foregrip for your AK or even Western Rifles, the 5KU Aluminium Russian Grip will fit the bill nicely.

  • Angled foregrip
  • Somewhere between angled and vertical 
  • Compatible with M-LOK attachment system 

Is an AFG a bit too horizontal for your tastes? A VFG to vertical? If you are caught in the middle having not found a foregrip you like, or if you are oldschool and you like using a VFG with a thumb-break grip, this Amoeba 45 Degree grip will change your game!  

  • Multi-position grip
  • Integrated hand stop
  • Functions as an AFG, VFG, or rail cover

Unsure of what kind of front grip you want on your M-LOK handguard? Now you no longer have to choose! Introducing the Amoeba Modular Handgrip from Ares. This grip can be set up however you want, as a short vertical grip, as an angled foregrip with a fully adjustable angle, and mounted flat as a long rail cover with an integrated handstop. You now have all the options!

  • Ergonomic Design
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS Rails
  • Officially licensed CQR Grip

Constructed by HERA Arms themselves, this foregrip is part of the CQR rifle system but comes as a stand-alone unit and can be attached as an aftermarket part to any rifle with a lower 20mm RIS / RAS Rail. If you just want the ergonomics of the foregrip, but not the stock, then this is for you.

  • CNC Aluminium
  • Compact/Stubby
  • Textured Surface

A compact, stubby and seriously tough Foregrip for 20mm Rails, made from CNC Aluminium with a textured surface to provide better stability when aiming.

  • Enhanced pistol grip design
  • "KRISS" markings on either side
  • Motor baseplate included

An aftermarket pistol grip is one of those parts which change the entire feel of your rifle, being the difference between it feeling like an object and feeling like an extension of your body. The KRYTAC Enhanced Pistol Grip has a similar grip angle to common and well-loved M style grips, but with subtle finger grooves added and a reprofiled upper section which transitions to the receiver seamlessly, improving comfort and addressing an area that is known to cause discomfort with other pistol grips for the M4/AR15 design.

  • CNC aluminium construction
  • Thumb rest for recoil control
  • For Action Army AAP-01 GBB pistol 

If you are in the process of adding some custom flair to your AAP-01, this part may be of interest to you! Introducing the Action Army Thumb Stopper for the AAP-01 Assassin GBB pistol, a "Gas Pedal" style thumb stop constructed from aluminium using CNC processes. This part is intended to provide additional recoil control and encourage a consistent grip by giving your thumb a place to rest, and letting you apply downforce to the muzzle to keep those full auto bursts under control!

  • Adjustable Stock
  • Rear Wired AEGs
  • Genuine PTS Product

A compact, functional and straightforward collapsing Stock for M4 / M16 AEGs, beautifully constructed by PTS. If you're looking for a high-quality Stock that's ergonomic and functional, look no further.

RRP £59.99
Save £10.00
  • High density polymer construction
  • Low profile adjustment lever
  • Ample internal battery space

If you are looking for a new stock, but it needs to be able to house a battery, you are in luck! The Krytac M4/AR15 Battery stock is constructed from high-density polymer with a steel adjustment pin and steel QD sling points on either side. Perfect for those who are bored with the super common crane stock look!

  • Licenced by Rifle Dynamics 
  • Includes M4 and Picatinny adapter
  • For Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR

If you own the incredible Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR you should really stick with the stock that's already installed, "nyet, rifle is fine" and all that considered. For those who don't care and want to add some utility to their rifle for greater comfort and flexibility regardless, the EMG Rifle Dynamics stock adapter will bring your AKM into the 21st century! This stock adapter set includes a replacement stock tang with pistol grip mount, and both an M4 GBBR buffer tube adapter and a 20mm Picatinny rail adapter, all precisely machined from aluminium and complete with Rifle Dynamics markings. 

  • Torch Mount
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Vertical Foregrip

A vertical foregrip with an attached torch mount, in the CAA styling associated with their line of M4 based rifles.

  • Improve Ergonomics
  • For ASG Scorpion Evo
  • Complete Furniture Kit

A complete drop-in Furniture Kit for ASG's Scorpion Evo, which features a custom M-LOK Railed Handguard, ATEK Universal Front Grip and ATEK Mid-Cap Magwell. This kit will not only massively improve the ergonomics and handling of your Scorpion Evo, but will make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Furniture Set
  • For M4 Platform GBBs
  • Pistol Grip, Stock & Grip

The SR Q Furniture Set is a complete Grip/Stock set for M4 Platform GBBs (Gas Blowback Guns), and will provide a gorgeous and futuristic all-in-one Pistol Grip and Stock, as well as a comfortable Foregrip to give your M4 a sci-fi update! This kit is very easy to install, needing only your Buffer Tube and Pistol Grip to be removed, and is the perfect way to give your Airsoft Gun a modern update.

  • Bullpup Conversion
  • Angled/Canted Pistol Grip

This is an incredibly cool Conversion Kit / Body Kit for GHK and WE branded GBB AKs, and will convert your replica into something the likes of which you have never seen. This Bullpup Conversion will relocated your Magazine behind the Trigger Group, and provides you with an awesome canted Pistol Grip that makes your AK way more comfortable and ergonomic, as well as incredibly fun to use! If you own a GHK or WE GBB AK and want to seriously update it's look and feel, then the SRU Bullpup Body Kit for GHK/WE AKs is perfect for you.

  • Furniture Set
  • For AK Platform GBBs
  • Pistol Grip, Stock & Grip

The SR Q Furniture Set is a complete Grip/Stock set for AK Platform GBBs (Gas Blowback Guns), and will provide a gorgeous and futuristic all-in-one Pistol Grip and Stock, as well as a comfortable Foregrip to give your AK a sci-fi update! This kit is very easy to install, needing only your Stock and Pistol Grip to be removed, and is the perfect way to give your Airsoft Gun a modern update.

  • PT-3 Stock
  • For AK Platforms
  • Adjustable Stock & Cheek Pad

This is one for the AK lovers! The Russian Firearm Fanatics and the Weekend Gopnik Operators, here to complete the tactical aesthetic of your AK is the 5KU PT-3 Telescopic Stock, featuring a full alloy construction and a rubber butt pad, this replica PT-3 Classica stock is a fine addition to your Eastern Operator loadout.

  • Custom Pistol Grip
  • Slim Torque Motor
  • Aluminium Construction

This package from LCT includes the ZRK-3 Aluminium Pistol Grip - compatible with LCT AK AEG replicas - and also a Slim Torque Motor for the ultimate upgrade package for anyone with a Stock AK Airsoft Electric Gun that needs fixing or upgrading.

  • Real wood
  • Satin finish
  • Authentic furniture for M1A1 Thompson

If you own an M1A1 Thompson AEG replica, this will most certainly be of interest to you! Introducing the King Arms M1A1 Wood Furniture kit, a set containing a real wood stock, handguard and pistol grip all authentically profiled to match the real M1A1 SMG. The parts in this kit are all perfectly finished with satin varnish to provide a subtle sheen with wood grain showing through which even the best faux wood cannot match.

  • Stamped Steel
  • For LCT LCKS-74UN
  • Direct Replacement

A replacement Receiver & Folding Stock for the LCT LCKS-74UN Airsoft Electric Gun, which is made to the original specification from Stamped Steel as a direct replacement.

  • Easy To Fit
  • Real Wood Parts
  • Wood Upgrade Kit

A real wood furniture component kit, ideal for converting your L1A1 SLR from it's late 1970's era black Polymer furniture, to its original, iconic wooden hand guard, stock, pistol grip and carry handle. 

  • For LCT M70AB2
  • Steel Construction
  • Direct Replacement

A Steel constructed replacement Receiver & Folding Stock for the LCT M70AB2 Airsoft Electric Gun, which features a Stamped Steel receiver and Steel Underfolder Stock, complete with Sling Loop.

  • CNC Machined aluminium construction
  • Includes pistol grip, magazine release and mag well extension
  • For TM Hi-capa 5.1 and 4.3 GBB, and clones

If you are building the ultimate Hi-capa race pistol, you will need somewhere to put your hands! Introducing the Aluminium Grip Type 8 from Airsoft Masterpiece, an absolute Airsoft masterpiece if we do say so! The grip is precisely machined from aluminium and comes with an extended magazine catch and backstrap/hammer spring housing finished in beautiful metallic tones, available in either striking red with a brushed aluminium magazine well extension, or full gold for the crown jewels look!  

  • Stock Butt Plate
  • For CYMA Brand
  • Replacement/Spare

A spare or replacement Butt Pad/Plate for CYMA branded AK replicas. This is ideally useful for Rear-Wired models where the Battery is stored in the Stock and needs to stay locked in place. Whether you need a spare yet or not, this is an essential bit of kit for any AK owner with a Solid Stock.

  • Vertical Grip
  • No Tools Required
  • Simple & Comfortable

A simple and easy-to-use Vertical Foregrip for Airsoft Replicas, compatible with 20mm RIS/RAS (Picatinny Rail Systems). To install the Grip, simply unscrew the base of the Grip and slide it over the 20mm Rail. Tightening the base of the Grip will raise the middle section of the Grip and lock it into a Rail Slot (if you've aligned it correctly). This will give you a comfortable platform to grip and brace your Airsoft Gun, making for steadier and more viable aiming, even in the heat of the moment.

  • Thumb Rest
  • For 20mm RIS
  • Allen Key Mount

A Polymer constructed Thumb Rest for 20mm RIS Rail Systems, which will provide a stable platform to comfortably brace the front of your replica, enhancing ergonomics and improving comfort when aiming for long periods of time.

  • For AK AEGs
  • Textured Surface
  • Ergonomic Design

An Ergonomic Pistol Grip for AK Platform Airsoft Electric Guns, which is constructed from Polymer and features a stippled/textured surface to improve grip in all conditions, especially when wearing gloves. It has ergonomic finger grooves for your hand to settle in to, and comes supplied with an installation screw.

  • Hand stop with a slight angle
  • High density polymer with steel screws
  • For M-LOK or KeyMod rail system 

For those who like a traditional horizontal grip but require a bit more to hang on to, MGP have the perfect accessory for you! Introducing the PPG Hand Stop, a uniquely designed accessory providing the functionality of a hand stop but with a slight angle, also offering the benefits of an AFG. The part is constructed from high density polymer and can be mounted to either M-LOK or KeyMod rail systems using the included steel attachment screws. 

  • Alloy Construction
  • Realistic Replica Part
  • Replacement Butt Plate

A replacement Stock Butt Plate, designed for CYMA Airsoft replica AK-47s. If you have a CYMA manufactured AK-47 type replica Airsoft Electric Gun, this simple component is an excellent way to add a little more authenticity to the Airsoft gun's aesthetics and ergonomics. 

  • Rubberised
  • For 20mm Rails
  • Textured Surface

A rubberised vertical foregrip for Airsoft replicas with a 20mm rail, offering stability and a comfortable platform to brace your rifle.

  • Easy to Affix
  • M-LOK Compatible
  • Storage Compartment

A vertical foregrip designed to be attached to M-LOK compatible rails and handguards. The grip gives you another position to manipulate the weapon.

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