If you are looking for ideas for your latest build or you just enjoy seeing what others do with their Airsoft guns, our Airsoft Inspiration articles will leave you feeling the need to create something amazing!

  • Bolster Armouries: Patrol Base take the ONYX to Dirty Dog Airsoft!
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Bolster Armouries: Patrol Base take the ONYX to Dirty Dog Airsoft!

    By now you must have seen the Bolster Armouries ONYX, but have you seen what it can do? If you want to get a glimpse of how a Bolster Armouries AEG performs in game, get in here and join us as Stu, Pete and Sam take turns with the Bolster Armouries ONYX and showcase its incredible performance and find out who can get the best kill! 

  • Top 5 Airsoft Loadouts at HALO MILL: Proving Grounds
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Top 5 Airsoft Loadouts at HALO MILL: Proving Grounds

    So you think you've got a unique loadout? We love those who think outside the box here at Patrol Base, and as much as we enjoy a real-world accurate loadout with attention to detail, we also appreciate those who go out of their way to do something few Airsofters have done before. From life takers to heart breakers, you'll find it all in Airsoft, that's one of the many reasons our sport and community are so amazing. Get in here if you want to see our five favourite Airsoft loadouts seen at HALO MILL: Proving Grounds! 

  • Airsoft Loadout Blog: ODST2B9's US Navy Seal loadout - Outdoors Skirmish
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Airsoft Loadout Blog: ODST2B9's US Navy SEAL loadout

    Looking for loadout inspiration? Get in here if you like all things Milsim! 

    Our good friend ODST2B9 from our player community on Toky Woky is here to blow your mind with his exceptional US Navy SEAL setup. Boasting more than his fair share of real steel kit including big names like Crye Precision, Ferro Concepts, Blue Force Gear and Spritus Systems, ODST2B9 has one of the best SEAL loadouts we have ever seen, if not the best! 

    Join us as we break his kit down, check everything out and get some insightful opinions from the man who put it all together. Nothing is classified in this blog! 

  • Highlander STOIRM: Conquering Nevis
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Highlander STOIRM: Conquering Nevis

    Join us for a story about our Adventurer and his climb up Ben Nevis, equipped with Highlander gear

  • Airsoft Top 10s: Top 10 Airsoft Guns featured in GTA V
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Airsoft Top 10s: Top 10 Airsoft Guns featured in GTA V

    You may have already suspected it, but here at Patrol Base we aren't just fans of Airsoft, many of us are also avid gamers! As such, we have noticed that certain fictional guns featured in GTA V bear a striking resemblance to Airsoft guns, to the point that some of us are convinced that the game designers are using Airsoft as a reference for their designs. 

    After a thorough investigation, we still have no answers, but we have at least decided which GTA guns available in Airsoft form are our favourites!

  • Staff Loadouts: Stu
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Staff Loadouts: Stu

    Here at Patrol Base, we pride ourselves on our devotion, dedication and passion to Airsoft as a sport. Not only do we provide the best equipment at the lowest prices, but we're also players too! So we're giving you a SITREP on our staff loadouts, from guns to gear, lets see what they take to a Sunday skirmish.

  • Custom Built AAP-01 GBB pistol: Toky Woky Load Out's AAP-01
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Custom Built AAP-01 GBB pistol: Toky Woky Load Out's AAP-01

    Looking for inspiration for your dream Action Army AAP-01 build? The options available for the AAP-01 platform mean no two guns need look alike, and there are as many configurations out there as there are grains of sand on a beach. In this blog, we will take you over a custom build AAP-01 pistol owned by Load Out, our lead coach from Toky Woky. If you have ever asked a question to our community on our product pages you will probably have spoken with Load Out, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable young Airsofter with skills beyond his years. Let's check out his custom AAP-01 and see how he runs this ultra-adaptable Airsoft GBB pistol! 

  • Airsoft Loadouts: CTSFO
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Airsoft Loadouts: CTSFO

    We're well aware as to how much you all love your Impression Kits, whether you're replicating a Character from a movie or a Russian FSB Operator, you guys take playing dress up very seriously. So in light of adults playing dress up, we're going to take a look at the gear & equipment used by the Metropolitan Counter Terrorism Unit, the CTSFO and how you can rock the look. 

  • Boneyard Build Blog: Christmas Special - The Patrol Base Candy Cane
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Boneyard Build Blog: Christmas Special - The Patrol Base Candy Cane

    Any excuse for a Boneyard Build here at Patrol Base ! This time we are taking an ASG MK2 NBB Pistol and giving it a custom makeover to suit this most festive season. Whether you are standing back and looking on in awe or revulsion, join us as we butcher another one! 

  • Feature Friday: Pinder
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Feature Friday: Pinder

    The man behind your pre-upgraded guns, web-return repairs and two-toning. Every day Mark is deep in guns at our warehouse working alongside customer services and the packing department.

  • What's up with the Colt MK18 MOD 1 PTW?
    Airsoft Inspiration

    What's up with the Colt MK18 MOD 1 PTW?

    What exactly do you get for your money with the Colt MK18 MOD 1 PTW? We explore all the bells and whistles of what could be the most realistic Airsoft Gun of 2021!

  • Boneyard Build Blog: Halo-ween Revisited
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Boneyard Build Blog: Halo-ween Revisited

    If you frequent the Patrol Base blog you may remember last year's Halloween Boneyard Build blog and the positively beautiful creation we spawned into the world. With the season of freaky things right around the corner, and the HALO MILL Halo-ween Airsoft event night ready to kick off on the 29th of October we thought we would revisit the Patrol Base Mini-Franken and give it a lick of paint to freshen it up for this year's festivities. Join us on our journey to reinvent something that probably should never have been invented in the first place!

  • Feature Friday: Sam MKII
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Feature Friday: Sam MKII

    Today we're introducing Sam (MKII), a once-customer now-turned Customer Service Representative and Purchasing Manager. Sam was an avid Paintballer until he discovered Airsoft at our CQB Site: HALO MILL, and hasn't looked back since.

  • Boneyard Build Blog: Post Apocalypse AKS-74U
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Boneyard Build Blog: Post Apocalypse AKS-74U

    The subject of this Boneyard Build is an old CYMA AKS-74U, a former HALO MILL rental AEG, and we are aiming to make it ready to face the wastelands of the post-apocalyptic future and create our own custom Airsoft AK for Stalker, Fallout or other post-apocalypse inspired Airsoft loadouts. 

  • Feature Friday: Airsoft Ranch
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Feature Friday: Airsoft Ranch

    From their previous trip here where they filmed a review of the Taran Tactical - KW3 Combat Master Pistol, they also got together with our media team to do a little fashion shoot.

  • Feature Friday: Gary
    Airsoft Inspiration

    Feature Friday: Gary

    An international member of staff known as Gary from the Czech Republic has been working within our product testing department and now recently changed to a new role joining the team of people who two-tone your orders!

  • Airsoft Inspiration

    Boneyard Build Blog - HALO'een Edition

    Perhaps you have heard of the Boneyard; home of the lost, broken, unwanted and ruined Airsoft replicas, as well as some great deals on perfectly usable gear and guns, and of course, a superb source of cheap project guns. For this build blog, we will be taking one of the most effed up Boneyard guns you have ever seen, and making a custom and mould-breaking Airsoft gun from what is left. Read on to learn how to turn a cheap, second hand Airsoft AEG into something that is...unique, to say the least!

  • HADRON Designs Custom MK23 Pistol
    Airsoft Inspiration

    HADRON Designs Custom MK23 Pistol

    You thought the standard MK23 was good, well prepare to be amazed.

If you like seeing cool Airsoft builds, this is the place! From detailed Milsim builds and loadouts to radical and eccentric custom builds straight out of left field, allow us to get your creative juices flowing!

Wondering what you need to complete your Airsoft SAS loadout? Perhaps you want to know what parts you need to build an authentic US Navy SEALs MK18 MOD.1 or a German KSK G36K? Or maybe you are the type who loves post-apocalypse Airsoft builds Fallout style? Find all of this and more amongst our Airsoft inspiration articles. 

Get ready to be inspired as we show off our guns and gear, and take you through the build process of some of our more unconventional projects!

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