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  • Fits 6mm Lines
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Feed Two Mags / Guns

A high quality Polymer 'splitter' for HPA systems that will allow you to run two air lines from one bottle. Perfect for those who want to run their primary and secondary from the same air source.

  • Replacement Shells
  • WELL Webley Shells
  • For CO2 Webley Pistol

Available individually or as a pack of 6, these shells will ensure you always have ammo for your Well MKVI Webley CO2 pistol when you need it.

  • Spare Magazine
  • 8 Round Capacity
  • For SRC 7.65 Pistol

An 8 round magazine for the SRC 7.65 pistol.

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  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Snow Wolf M99 Use
  • Metal Outer Construction

Designed purely for the Snow Wolf Barret M90 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. The magazine has a metal outer casing for protection and durability with polymer inner workings. 

  • For AGM 002
  • 20rnd Capacity
  • Polymer Construction

A 20rnd magazine for the AGM 002 Airsoft Sniper Rifle, which is loaded using a Speedloader (or by hand), and feeds BBs into the rifle via a spring.

  • 20rnd Capacity
  • For Specna SA-CO3
  • Polymer Construction

A Polymer constructed spare magazine for the Specna Arms SA-CO3 Sniper Rifle, which holds a total of 20 BBs and is the perfect purchase for those who want to spend more time in their nest, and less time crawling back to the safe zone for a reload.

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  • 20rnd Capacity
  • Metal Construction
  • For CZ 75 P-07 Duty Pistol

A spare magazine for the ASG CZ 75 P-7 Duty pistol.

  • AEP Magazine
  • 28rnd Magazine
  • For CM.125 USP

A replacement magazine for the CM.128 AEP Electric Pistol which is designed to fit into the pistol and be used to carry extra rounds into the game meaning you don't have to stop mid game to use a fiddly speed loader.

  • AEP Magazine
  • Spring Loaded
  • Side Mag Release

A spare magazine for the CYMA AEP range of pistols, allowing you to carry arround more magazines. The magazine is compatible with the entire CYMA AEP range. 

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  • Pistol Mag Size
  • 55rnd Capacity
  • Short & Compact

A short and compact 55rnd magazine for the Ares M45X-S series of modular Pistol Carbine.

  • Hex Patterned
  • 450Rnd Capacity
  • Marui Compatible

A clockwork-wound high capacity magazine for AR platform Airsoft replicas, with an attractive Hex-pattern to improve handling and aesthetics ten-fold. They are available in both Black and Tan and hold a total of 450rnds each.

  • 100rnd Capacity
  • Waffle Style Texture

A tough Polymer constructed magazine for a range of CYMA/WELL series Spring Sniper Rifles (check compatibility), which offers a whopping 100rnds to lay down on the enemy from afar. The magazine is robust and has a waffle-style texturing at the bottom for aesthetic and handling purposes.

  • For CM.128(S)
  • 34rnd Capacity
  • Fits CYMA AEPs

A 34rnd spare magazine for the CYMA CM.128 Hi-Capa styled Airsoft Electric Pistol, which will work with other CYMA AEPs but will extend beyond the baseplate depending on the model. It is filled from the top using a Speedloader to push BBs past the feed lips.

  • 30rnd Capacity
  • For CYMA CM.121
  • Alloy Construction

A spare magazine for the CM.121 and CM.121s which holds a total of 30rnds, and is a necessity when purchasing one of these replicas as they don't take standard AEP mags. It is loaded with BBs from the top of the magazine using a Speedloader.

  • Red / Gold Design
  • Four Pack of Shell
  • For Airsoft Shotgun

A pack of Shotgun Shells designed for Airsoft 6mm Pump Action Shotguns which accept Standard Shotgun Shells.

  • Red / Gold Design
  • Four Pack of Shell
  • For Airsoft Shotgun

A pack of Shotgun Shells designed for Airsoft 6mm Pump Action Shotguns which accept Standard Shotgun Shells.

  • For VFC M40A3
  • Holds 20 6mm BB
  • Spring Fed Design

A magazine for the VFC McMillian M40A3 6mm BB Spring Action Sniper Rifle and holds up to 20 BBs at a time.

  • 30 Rounds
  • 4.6x30 Cal Marking
  • Real-Cap Magazine

A replacement or spare magazine designed for the Well R-4 MP7 Airsoft Electric Pistol, and is based on the real MP7's short compact magazine. 

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Save £25.00
  • CO2 Powered
  • Tough Feed Lips
  • 19 Round Capacity

A CO2 powered 19 round magazine for the Cyber Gun Taurus PT24/7.

  • 22rnd Capacity
  • For Well MB Series
  • Spring Ejected Mag

A 22rnd magazine for the Well MB series of spring-powered Airsoft sniper rifles.

  • 30rnd Magazine
  • Alloy Construction
  • For Well MB Series

A 30rnd spring-fed magazine for the Well MB44 Spring Sniper Rifle series, including the Well MB4410, MB4411, MB4412 and MB4418-2.

  • For JG T3 / G3
  • High Capacity
  • Holds 500 Round

A spare magazine for JG T3 / G3 Style Airsoft AEG. The magazine is a high capacity magazine, storing 500 rounds.

  • 220rnd Capacity
  • Metal Construction
  • Wind Up Base & Side

A compact magazine for your Airsoft AEG AK47 or 74 series rifle.

  • Bottom Winding
  • M14 / SLV AEG Magazine
  • Large top Filling Window

A High Capacity Magazine designed to fit M14 / SLV Airsoft 6mm BB AEG Electric Guns. The Magazine is constructed with an Alloy shell with Polymer internals. 

  • Holds Up To 20 BBs
  • Low Capacity Magazine
  • For Jing Gong SL8 / G36

A replacement magazine for the JG SL8 G36 Variant Airsoft AEG Gun, but can also be used in Standard G36 AEG Rifles as an alternate to the standard magazine.

  • For ASG M40A3 SL
  • Holds 27 6mm BB
  • Spring Fed Design

A magazine for the ASG M4A3 SportsLine 6mm BB Gun and stores up to 27 BBs at a time.

  • Holds 15 Rounds
  • Spring Fed Magazine
  • 6mm Variant Magazine

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Magazine for the 6mm BB Gun Variant of the ASG TAC-6 Sportline Gas Non Blowback Rifle.

  • AEP Magazine
  • Full Alloy Shell
  • Holds 29 Rounds

A 29-round magazine designed primarily for use with the ASG Challenger XP17 series of pistols.

  • Selectable Capacity
  • Ridged For Extra Grip
  • Lightweight Polymer Design

A selectable capacity magazine that lets you choose between 30 rounds (real capacity) and 130 rounds (mid capacity), making these incredible value magazines for MilSim skirmishers who don't want to have to purchase a whole backlog of real-cap magazines for events.

  • 300rnd Mid-Cap
  • Tough & Weighty
  • Steel Construction

A Steel high capacity clockwork magazine for AR-15 / M4 models of Airsoft Electric Gun, that will fit and feed in 95% of M4 based Airsoft guns.

MAG UP! Low, mid and high capacity magazines for all Airsoft guns

Polymer, Full Metal, low to high capacity we have you covered for every Airsoft gun from pistol to LMG box magazines. Remember, you can never have enough magazines! Take advantage of our box deals and save money. 

We have every magazine from your standard AEG to SYSTEMA PTW and MARUI Recoil Shock series that stop your AEG or PTW from firing once the magazine is empty.

We also stock a range of flash magazines that are wound up using a pull cord system. This allows for your magazines to be wound faster and easier especially whilst wearing gloves.

If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
Telephone: 01484 644709