Airsoft Masterpiece Aluminium Grip for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB - Type 9

Airsoft Masterpiece
Code: G-09-SL
  • CNC machined aluminium
  • For TM Hi-Capa GBB pistol
  • Includes mag well extension and magazine release

If you are building the ultimate Hi-Capa race pistol, you will need somewhere to put your hands! Introducing the Aluminium Grip Type 9 from Airsoft Masterpiece, an absolute Airsoft masterpiece if we do say so! The grip is precisely machined from aluminium and comes with an extended magazine catch and backstrap/hammer spring housing finished in beautiful matt silver, and a magazine well extension finished in a complementary brushed aluminium finish.

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The Aluminium Grip for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB is undoubtedly one of the finest quality Hi-Capa parts we have ever handled. The entire piece is perfectly machined from aluminium using CNC technology and is anodized in a classy matt silver finish.

As with other Hi-Capa grips, the grip includes an integrated trigger guard with a flat front face for additional recoil control and faster follow-up shots. The trigger guard on this grip also includes deep undercuts for your support hand and strong hand fingers, allowing you to take a higher grip on the pistol for more intuitive aiming and reduced muzzle flip. The strong hand undercut smoothly transitions to a single finger groove, intended to ensure your grip is effective. Below this finger groove, the grip has attractive diamond checkering, which is somehow sharply machined but soft to the touch. The gripping qualities of this checkering are unparalleled, and it stays comfortable even when not using gloves due to the rounded relief cuts on each of the diamond checkers.

The grip comes with an extended magazine catch pre-installed, which is checkered for additional grip and cut at an angle, allowing faster engagement and a simple sweep down with the thumb to release the magazine. This departs from traditional extended magazine catch designs with the angled cut. Standard extended mag catches often require you to lift your thumb from its index point to hit the very top of the magazine catch; a far more demanding operation when under pressure than a simple sweep downwards.

Another feature that will save you precious seconds on the clock is the included magazine well extension, which comes with a steel pin, and is ready to install on the grip. This device adds a bevelled flare to the magazine well, enabling smooth reloads and reducing the possibility of messing up when time is of the essence! This part is finished in a "bushed Aluminium" effect, providing a little bit of subtle contrast to the set and only adding to its beauty. The magazine well extension also functions as a palm rest, preventing the pistol from being gripped too low and ensuring you have an effective grip, even after a scorchingly fast draw!

The grip itself is devoid of any markings, though the magazine well flare has a crisply engraved Airsoft Masterpiece logo on the front, subtly sporting its brand pedigree. Also included with the set is a backstrap/hammer spring housing with diamond checkering, similar to the original piece but finished in the same flawless matt silver as the rest of the grip. If you are putting together the perfect Hi-Capa GBB, you will want this, as it just wouldn't be perfect without an Airsoft Masterpiece Aluminium Grip!


  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • Includes magazine well extension
  • Undercuts to encourage a high grip
  • Flat-faced trigger guard
  • Comfortable and effective diamond checkering
  • Extended magazine catch pre-installed
  • Backstrap/hammer spring housing included
  • Flawless matt silver finish

Package Includes

  • Airsoft Masterpiece Aluminium Grip for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB - Type 9



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Grip, Grips & Stock,
Package Includes
Pistol grip
Magazine well extension


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Approx. 0.118kg

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Weapon Platform
Pistol, Hi-Capa,