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  • For 14mm CCW
  • 200 x 30mm
  • Textured

A multi-thread suppressor that has both CW and CCW threads, meaning that so long as your weapon has a 14mm thread at the end of it - this suppressor will fit!

  • Dimpled Exterior 
  • 14mm CCW Threads
  • US Government Markings

A 14mm counter clockwise threaded Airsoft suppressor, featuring US Government military markings, designed to mount onto your Airsoft gun's outer barrel and replace the original flash hider. 

  • CW & CCW Thread
  • Blackwater Logo
  • Foam Filled

An Alloy constructed Suppressor which will fit any Airsoft Gun with a 14mm Male Thread. There is both a CW and CCW Thread on either end of the Suppressor, ensuring maximum compatibility with replicas. The core of the Suppressor is foam-filled to help deaden the sound of your replica, and a spring core ensures that baffle strikes are minimised. The outer shell of the Suppressor features the Blackwater logo and the text 'We Were Everywhere'.

  • 100% CNC Steel
  • Aggressive Styling
  • 14mm CCW Thread

A Muzzle Brake for 14mm CCW Threads (AK Airsoft Replicas) which is made from 100% CNC Machined Steel.

  • CW / CCW Thread
  • Foam Filled Suppressor
  • Thread Adaptors Included

A foam filled Airsoft mock suppressor, designed to be attached to Airsoft 14mm threaded outer barrels, and is specially with adaptors allowing the suppressor to fit both Clockwise (CW) and Counter Clockwise (CCW) threads. 

  • Quick Detach System
  • Foam Inner Reduces Noise
  • Fits M4/M16 Birdcage Flashhiders

A 6mm BB Airsoft Replica Quick Detach Suppressor, designed to reduce the noise output of your Airsoft Electric Gun. The Suppressor is constructed with a full Alloy Body, with Foam Internals and a centralised spring to keep the BBs trajectory clear.

  • 3cm Wide
  • 13cm Long
  • CW / CCW Thread

A suppressor designed to fit onto Airsoft 6mm BB Gun in order to dampen the sound leaving the barrel.

  • Quick Detach
  • Stubby Design
  • Excellent For CQB

This muzzle device is made to be the most effective, ultra-compact suppressors for CQB combat or training. 

  • Foam Filled Design
  • 14mm CW / CCW
  • Easy to Attach

    A mock Airsoft suppressor designed to be attached to the end of Airsoft Rifles to give them a more unique look, and to slightly suppress the sound leaving the barrel. This is the perfect purchase for those who are looking for a suppressor that can be attached to a huge variety of weapons, or for those looking to dampen the noise made from the end of the weapon.

    • BB Guide Tube
    • Trademark Finishings
    • 23mm/14mm Adapter

    An Alloy suppressor, designed to fit both Airsoft Sniper Rifles and Standard Airsoft AEG that uses a 14mm CCW outer barrel end.

    • Flash Hider Included
    • Quick Detach System
    • Foam and Spring Core

    A Suppressor designed to be attached to Airsoft 6mm BB Guns with a Threader Outer barrel, which reduce the noise profile of AEG and Gas Guns. 

    • Can Be Shortened
    • Easily Configurable
    • For 14mm CCW Threads

    A unique looking and very well built suppressor for 14mm CCW threads which can easily be configured to be half as long by unscrewing it at the middle.

    • Quick Detatch
    • Tough/Weighty Design
    • Excellent for Barrel Extensions

    Made to be the most effective, well constructed and good looking suppressors for Airsoft or training. 

    • Semi & Full Auto
    • 14mm CCW thread
    • Batteries Not Included

    ASG B&T tracer unit with a 14mm CCW thread that will attach to 90% of AEGs, and will attach to the remaining 10% with a thread adapter.

    • 35RPS Consistency
    • 14mm CCW Thread
    • Low Power Consumption

    A 14mm CCW compatible tracer unit that will illuminate your BBs as they leave the barrel, making it much easier to identify hits, teammate locations, run infection themed skirmishes and generally lighting up the dark with bioluminescence.

    • Foam Filled
    • Alloy Construction
    • 14mm CCW & 22mm CW

    The moment all AK users have been waiting for; a high quality PBS-4 Suppressor replica made from Alloy with both a 14mm CCW and 22mm CW thread.

    • 14mm CCW
    • CNC Aluminium
    • 4 x AAA Batteries

    A Tracer Unit concealed inside a Suppressor, which attaches to 14mm CCW Threads to illuminate BBs leaving your muzzle, provided you're using Tracer BBs of course.

    • 14mm CCW Thread
    • Aluminium Made
    • Unique Design

    An Aluminium constructed replica of a real-world Suppressor which has a unique aesthetic and a ratchet system to help you install the Suppressor tight to your gun and still have it aligned properly. When the Suppressor is screwed on tight, you can release the ratchet and twist the Suppressor without unscrewing it off the thread. This Suppressor looks amazing on any weapon platform, but please remember that installing a heavy suppressor on a Pistol can cause premature damage to the Nozzle.

    • Aluminium 6061/Steel
    • Inner Barrel Extension
    • For 24mm CW Threads

    This beautiful Suppressor from LCT is crafted from Aluminium 6061 and Steel, and features a 24mm CW Thread to make it the perfect partner to any AK Airsoft Replica that has the correct thread.

    • High Quality Construction
    • 14mm CCW Threaded
    • 38mm Diameter

    Based on the Warden Blast Regulator this Airsoft attachment is designed to look like the real thing, allowing you to complete your load out in style. Although the Airsoft version is for nothing more than looks the real steel version is designed to vent forwards, and should not be confused with a suppressor.

    • 35RPS Consistency
    • Motion Sensor On/Off
    • 20,000 Shot Battery Life

    The smallest Tracer Unit in the world just got better! Now brighter and more efficient than ever before, the Xcortech XT301 is back in business in its' MK2 form. Compatible with both 14mm CCW and 11mm CW Pistol Threads, the XT301 MK2 will help you to own the night.

    • 22,000 Shot Life
    • 35 BBs Per Second
    • GemTech Licensed

    An AceTech Tracer Unit, which is concealed inside a fully licensed and CNC Machined Aluminium constructed replica of a GM-9 Suppressor from GemTech, a manufacturer of Suppressor for Real World Firearms. The internal LiPo battery can last for up to 22,000 shots, and can keep up with up to 35 BBs per second for maximum performance.

    • All-In-One Device
    • Charger Included
    • Batteries Included

    An all in one laser/light muzzle device that can be mount to any outer barrel with a diameter of 19mm or less. 

    • 22cm Shroud
    • Improve Aesthetics
    • Protect From Scratches

    A Nylon cover designed to protect and improve the aesthetics of any suppressor or barrel it's installed on.

    • Spring Core
    • Interior Foam
    • Aluminium Shell

    A Dummy Silencer/Suppressor for Airsoft Guns which have a 14mm CCW Thread. It is constructed from Aluminium, has an overall width of 32mm, length of 196mm and easily attaches to threads by screwing onto the end of your barrel. The core of the Suppressor is filled with Dummy Foam and a Spring Core to keep the center clear, and ensure BBs aren't fouling on the interior foam.

    • Distinctive Skull Logo
    • 14mm CCW Threads
    • 196mm Long

    Constructed from durable alloy and is foam filled to assist in suppressing muzzle sounds. 

    • 14mm CCW Thread
    • Accurate Trademarks
    • Foam Filled Suppressor

    A Mock Suppressor designed to fit on Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Assault Rifles, and is branded to look like it is a Special Forces SOPMOD Supplied Suppressor. 

    • Alloy Outer
    • Foam Filled
    • 3.5cm Wide

    A simple screw on 14mm CCW and CW suppressor which attaches to 90% of Airsoft AEGs on the market. Both ends of the suppressor have opposite threads, almost guaranteeing that this will fit your weapon.

    • Spring Core Centre
    • Durable Alloy Body
    • Foam Filled Suppressor

    This Airsoft suppressor is designed to be fit onto 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) threads, and is foam filled to reduce the audible output of the weapon. The suppressor is constructed from Alloy, and features a spring core and foam filling, and is finished with US Navy Seal Branding. 

    • 14mm CCW Thread
    • Accurate Markings & Insignia
    • Covers Extended Outer Barrels

    An Airsoft mock suppressor, designed to replace an Airsoft gun's flash hider, and featuring an imitation of the US SOCOM special operations forces weapon suppressor. 

    They'll never hear you coming

    Here at Patrol Base we have a range of Silencers and Suppressors for a range of different weapons in a wide variety of Styles! We have Suppressors for both Rifles and Pistols in a selection of colours suited to every taste.

    If you want to try out the parts on your weapon before you buy, or want to get a better feel, why not visit our Brick and Mortar store in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, between Leeds and Manchester.

    If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
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