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  • Adjustable Stock
  • Rear Flip-Up Ironsight
  • Part of the SA Core Range

Based off the rifle length M4A1 used by the US Army and Marines this rifle is a high quality replica built by Specna Arms as part of their CORE beginner rifles range.

  • Top 20mm Rail
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Great Beginner Rifle

An Airsoft Automatic Electric Replica of the iconic M4A1 Assault rifle used by Armed Forces around the World. The Airsoft Replica features and Alloy Buffer Tube, Charging Handle, Outer Barrel and Internals, along with a Polymer Stock, Receiver, Flash Hider, Carry Handle, Handguard and Pistol Grip.

  • Enter & Convert™
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Zinc, Aluminium & Steel

A full metal Airsoft electric 6mm M16A2 replica complete with rear wired solid stock, removable carry handle, a quick change spring system and functional mock bolt hold-open.

  • Integrated Foregrip
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • 20mm Receiver Rail

A Polymer and Alloy replica of an Austrian favourite! The Bullpup design allows for a very long inner barrel in a more compact package, offering you long-range performance in a medium-sized and ambidextrous bundle.

  • Polymer Construction
  • Rear Sling Plate Fitted
  • Full Length Carbine Barrel

Incredibly light weight and reliable Airsoft RIF. An excellent beginner Airsoft weapon but also very favourable by experienced Airsofters due to its out of the box performance being so good in a low price bracket.

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  • Perfect Starter Gun
  • Rear Wired / Solid Stock
  • Tough Alloy Construction

For years G&G have dominated the entry-level M4 market, but have now shifted their focus to the AK platform to bring you a competitive and reasonably priced AK47 electric powered replica.

  • Massive KeyMod Rail
  • Full Length 20mm Rail
  • Ambidextrous Mag Release

An electric powered 6mm Airsoft M4 styled weapon that is majoritively made from high density Polymers to keep the weight down, and after a few hours of carrying around you'll be thanking them for it!

  • Full Stock Design
  • Polymer Construction
  • Great Starter Package

An Airsoft Electric Powered 6mm AEG BB Gun, producing a satisfying 320fps, incredibly light weight and reliable Airsoft RIF. An excellent beginner Airsoft weapon but also highly favoured by experienced Airsofters due to its out of the box performance.

  • Ultra Compact
  • Loud Sounding
  • Pre-Two Toned

An Electric Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is designed to be ultra compact and loud, making it stand out from the crowd in CQB situations. This version of the weapon is pre-two toned, meaning no waiting for paint to dry!

  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Soundhog Flash Hider
  • Lightweight & Durable

An electric powered M4 based Airsoft replica, which is constructed mainly from Polymer to offer a lightweight and maneuverable platform which packs a punch.

  • Folding Stock
  • Railed Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Controls

An electric powered 6mm Airsoft replica of a lesser-seen firearm, the SIG 522 which was designed by the Swiss as a successor to the Sturmgewehr 57 - the brief for which was to produce a compact carbine with an emphasis on modularity.

  • Full Top Length Rail
  • KeyMod Handguard
  • Adjustable Rail System

A brand new rifle built by Specna Arms as part of their CORE range of beginner rifles. With a KeyMod handguard and high quality build this rifle is the ideal starter weapon and has everything players new any old need in a rifle.

  • FALCON EFCS System
  • 1-5 Round Burst Mode
  • MLOK Handguard

The M904 series of Airsoft AEG are some of the latest guns from Double Eagle (DE) Airsoft featuring their latest Electronic Fire Control System which allows for 1-5 Round Burst, a Bump fire Trigger, and boasts a gearbox and battery protection system. Not only does the replica come with an intelligent control system, it is based off he M4 platform, and comes with a full length top rail and MLOK hand guard for many customisation options, as well as a compact CQB sliding stock to keep everything as tight as possible.

RRP £152.99
Save £3.00
  • Full Length Top 20mm Rail
  • CORE Quick Spring Change
  • Wirecutter Handguard

Part of Specna Arms' CORE series, the SA-C16 CORE brings an affordable Airsoft gun with a Quick Change Spring System to the table, as well as internal quality such as a Rotary HOP unit, Steel Gears and a 6.03mm inner barrel. This member of the CORE family comes with a Wirecutter style hand guard giving it a unique look and feel. Those who know the wire-cutter hand guard will know that the rifle is almost worth buying simply for the hand guard, and is an absolute bargain for the price.

  • M-LOK Handguard
  • Great Beginner Gun
  • High Quality Polymer

The next iteration of the hugely popular CM16 Raider. Designed and built on the M4 Platform, which is made to be a starter weapon which is not only a great price, but highly reliable as well.

Was £184.99
Save £30.00
  • Sight Included
  • Great Beginner Gun
  • Four Point Handguard

An Airsoft Replica of the iconic M4A1, but with customised Body Furniture to create a fancy and unique M4 Rifle, but with a twist, the Rifle also comes complete with a Red Dot Sight to complete the look.

  • Adjustable Stock
  • Removable Carry Handle
  • Enter & Convert™ Spring System

Based off the standard M4A1 used by the US Army and Marines this rifle is a high quality replica built by Specna Arms with high levels of detail, finish, with a top quality wobble free design. If you're looking for a high quality full metal rifle for a beginner weapon you're going to be hard pressed to find anything else in this price range of this quality.

  • Four Point RIS Rail
  • Polymer Construction
  • Rear Sling Plate Fitted

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the M4 / AR Platform, which is a great entry grade Beginner weapon for those looking to start playing Airsoft, or even simply Backyard Plinking.

  • CQB Weapon
  • Ultra Compact
  • Loud Sounding

An Electric Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is designed to be ultra compact and loud, making it stand out from the crowd in CQB situations.

  • Railed Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Bullpup Style Rifle

A Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, designed in a bullpup configuration, based off the Austrian Steyr AUG. The gun features an Alloy Front end, and Sight with Polymer Body

  • Top 20mm RIS Rail
  • Unique Crane Stock
  • Modular Handguard

An Airsoft 6mm BB gun, based on the M4 Platform, and is built by Guay Guay, who are also known as G&G Armaments. The weapon is constructed with a Polymer Receiver, Grip, Stock and Hand Guard, with Alloy Outer Barrel, Front Post Sight, Rear Sight, Charging Handle, Buffer Tube and Sling Plate. 

  • Front Bayonet Lug
  • Great For Beginers
  • Large Battery Storage

Airsoft 6mm BB Gun built by CYMA in China to replicate the American M14 Rifle. The weapon features full Alloy Internals, Receiver and Barrel, with a Polymer Stock and Heat Shield.

  • Solid Replica
  • Steel Receiver
  • Dovetail Side Rail

An electric powered Airsoft Gun which is another addition to the battle-proven and bomb-proof CM.045 series, which is an AKS-74U platform replica. It features Stamped Steel externals as well as an Alloy HOP Chamber, Steel 7mm Bushings, Directional Piston Head and a Spring Guide w/ Bearings.

  • Ambidextrous Design
  • 10'' MLOK Handguard
  • Microswitch Trigger

Built by Arcturus this Airsoft electric powered AEG a great example of a quality gun at an affordable price. With an MLOK hand guard, full top length 20mm rail, and removable flash hider, there are plenty of options available for customisation, and to top it off the replica also features a micro-switch trigger system.

RRP £164.99
Save £5.00
  • 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
  • ESA Spring Change
  • PDW Style Stock

A brand new rifle built by Specna Arms as part of their CORE range of beginner rifles. With a KeyMod hand guard and high quality build this rifle is the ideal starter weapon and has everything players new any old need in a rifle. This particular version of the SA-C07 comes with a PDW stock instead of the traditional M4 stock, and is designed for CQB environments to be as low profile as possible.

  • Nano Coating
  • Quick Change Spring

An Airsoft Electric Gun from Specna Arms' Edge series of up-rated rifles, which offer much more out of the box than you would expect.

  • Nano Coating
  • Quick Change Spring

An electric powered replica of the classic M4A1 platform, complete with a shorter barrel than standard. The Specna Arms EDGE series of replicas has loads of features that set them apart from any other out-of-the-box AEG.

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  • Real Wood
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Hinged Upper Receiver

A faithful replica of the real steel AKS-74u. Built with an alloy body this Airsoft weapon is designed to last, with a real wood hand guard and alloy folding stock this weapon is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for even the closest CQB action.

  • Folding Stock
  • Railed Hand Guard
  • Submerged Suppressor

Am airsoft replica of the G36C, with a Railed front grip and sunken suppressor. The weapon itself has a Polymer body and folding stock, with an Alloy Hand Guard and Suppressor. 

  • Extended Handguard
  • Locking Folding Stock
  • Railed Front Hand Guard

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is powered by Electric and is a heavily modified version of the G36 used by Armed Forces and Police Units around the world.

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