Airtech Studios Scorpion Evo Enhanced Hop-Up Adjustment Gear

Airtech Studios
  • Easily Adjust HOP
  • Strong, Durable Nylon
  • More Precise Adjustment

Specially designed by Airtech Studios for the ASG Scorpion Evo Airsoft replica this custom hop-up adjustment wheel is designed to replace the stock part inside the hop-up unit to improve the overall performance of the weapon by allowing for quicker, easier, and more precise adjustments.

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The adjuster itself is constructed from bright red fiberglass nylon for performance and durability, and features enlarged ridges to make it easier to use. This hop-up wheel is specifically designed to be easy to install, and greatly improve the performance of the weapon with little work.

The gear has been specifically designed to have a strong hold, which allows the hop up dial to hold its place better during shooting, for more accurate shots over time, meaning you'll have to adjust your hop-up less during play, one less thing to worry about during a hectic firefight! Should you need to adjust your hop-up on the fly the wheel is much easier to adjust than the stock part, and can even easily be adjusted whilst wearing gloves.

This part is perfect for those Airsoft skirmishers who own an ASG Scorpion Evo and are looking to squeeze the absolute best performance out of their weapon, and is compatible with all variants of the gun, including the standard, BET and carbine versions of the weapon.


Perfect for Evo Owners

Designed specifically for the ASG Scorpion Evo Hop-Up Unit.

For micro-adjustments

Enables easier and more precise settings of the level of hop applied to the BB.

Easier to feel

Enlarged ridged fins allow easier adjustment of the hop-up settings, even when wearing gloves.

Stronger gear system

Specifically designed to have a stronger gear system to hold the hop-dial in place for more consistent shots.

Durable material

Constructed from strong fibreglass Nylon for longevity and performance.

Extensive battery testing

The hop wheel has been tested with a wide range of battery to ensure they don't hinder their installation.

Brightly coloured

Add a bit of flair to your evo, as well as making the adjuster easier to see.

Easy to install

A quick and easy upgrade for improved performance.

Package Includes

  • Scorpion Evo Enhanced Hop-Up Adjustment Gear




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