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  • No Rattle
  • Stubby Design
  • 65 Round Mid Cap

A stubby low capacity magazine meaning you can move at speed with no rattle.

  • Realistic Shell
  • Wheel Wound
  • Holds 200rnds

An official magazine designed by BOLT for their SMG-5 series of Airsoft replica. The magazine is wheel wound and holds up to 200 rounds allowing you to fire for longer without having to stop and refill. The magazine is constructed from high quality materials, with a realistic alloy outer shell and polymer internals. This magazine is perfect for those who already own a bolt SMG-5 and are looking for the exact magazine designed for their replica.

  • Wide Compatibility
  • Alloy Construction
  • 130rnd Capacity

An Alloy construction Mid-Cap Magazine for SMG-5 Airsoft Electric Guns which is filled from the top using an Airsoft  Speedloader, and feeds BBs into your replica until empty, with no rattle. It is compatible with a wide range of brands and holds a total of 130rnds. 

  • Alloy Outer Shell
  • For CYMA SMG-5
  • 260 Round Capacity

A spare magazine designed for CYMA SMG-5s, and compatable SMG-5 AEG Airsoft Electric Guns.

  • Real Capacity
  • Short Magazine
  • For SMG5/SMG5K

A stubby Real-Cap magazine for the Tokyo Marui SMG-5 series of Airsoft Electric Gun, named the 'Kurz' magazine after the German word for short. (Ja alter, ich kann ein bißchen Deutsche sprechen!) It is loaded with 30 BBs via a Speedloader from the top of the magazine, and simply needs inserting into the gun to work.

If you're looking to perfect your German Bad-Guy loadout, or you just want realistic capacity magazines for your SMG-5 that are compact enough to not catch on your kit like standard length mags, then these are just what you were looking for.

  • 570rnd Capacity
  • Clockwork Wound
  • Dual Clamp Design

This high capacity magazine is designed for SMG-5 AEGs and holds a whopping 570rnds, much more than any other SMG-5 magazines. It is filled from the top of either magazine by pulling back the mock bullets or opening the fill window, and wound from the bottom clockwork wheel to feed BBs.

  • 200rnd Capacity
  • Realistic Alloy Shell
  • High-Capacity Magazine

A Magazine for SMG-5 Series Airsoft BB 6mm Submachine Gun, and works in both AEG and HPA weapons, built by NUPROL for their Essentials magazine range. 

  • Full Metal
  • 200rnd Capacity
  • Clockwork Wheel

A spare robust metal High Capacity SMG-5 magazine holding up to 200 BB's. A fantastic purchase for any Skirmishers who love full auto and don't want to change magazines. 

  • 6 x Magazines
  • Alloy Construction
  • 9mmx19 Markings

A box set of 6 x 230rnd High Capacity Magazines for the ICS SMG-5 series, which are constructed to a high standard from Alloy and feature 9mmx19 markings on the bottom of the mags.

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